Entries from Churchward 1959 in Pollex-Online

Churchward, C. M. (1959). Tongan Dictionary. London, Oxford University Press.

Language Item Description
Tongan ʔAonga Useful, of practical value
Tongan ʔAʔapa Behave in respectful way
Tongan Apai Certain parts of roof timbers of a Tongan house. They run lengthwise and the rafters are bound to them
Tongan ʔApi Home, allotment of ground, area of land for special
Tongan ʔApi Crowded, congested
Tongan Apo/apo Take aim, especially in the game lafo
Tongan ʔApoo Tonight (said during the day)
Tongan ʔApongipongi Tomorrow
Tongan Ahi Sandalwood
Tongan ʔA/ʔahi/ Visit
Tongan ʔAho Shark sp
Tongan ʔAho Day (date)
Tongan Ohu Dip up, ladle, bale a boat
Tongan ʔAahua Hasten
Tongan Ata Dawn
Tongan ʔAta Shadow, reflection
Tongan ʔAtaa Free, spacious, vacant; absolute, nothing but, sheer, veritable
Tongan ʔAtamai Intelligent, intelligence
Tongan ʔI/ate At, on, in...
Tongan ʔAte Liver
Tongan ʔAte-ʔi-vaʔe Calf of leg
Tongan ʔAatea With nothing in the hands, empty-handed
Tongan ʔAte pili Spleen
Tongan Asiasi Keep a lookout for
Tongan ʔAsi Protrude, emerge, show itself, etc. Traverser; sillonner (éclair) (Btn).
Tongan ʔEsi Flat-topped artificial mound of earth
Tongan ʔAsi/nga All the more, all the greater
Tongan ʔEsi-afi Fetch or get or procure fire
Tongan Ato Acquire higher rank through marriage
Tongan ʔAto Thatch
Tongan Atu Away from speaker
Tongan ʔAtu Bonito
Tongan ʔOtu Line, row
Tongan ʔAtu Give
Tongan ʔOtua Deity
Tongan Au First person singular pronoun (Focus)
Tongan Aʔu To arrive; to reach or extend to
Tongan ʔAu- Remove unwanted portion of something -- strip, scale, husk, etc. (in compounds)
Tongan ʔOua Negative in prohibitions, or after ke, etc.
Tongan Uee Interjection expressing surprise
Tongan ʔAuhulu Rid a tree or plant of its dry leaves
Tongan ʔAukai Go without food, fast
Tongan Au Current, stream; ooze out (of pus) Problematic
Tongan ʔAukava/ʔi Catch fish with help of fish poison
Tongan ʔOmai, ʔomi Bring give or send or lend (to me or us)
Tongan Ma/aʔumohe/ Fast asleep
Tongan Ava Passage, opening. A cove, crevice, creek; a hole; a gap; a streight (Mar).
Tongan ʔAva Fish sp
Tongan ʔAavanga Sickness caused (or believed to be caused) by a fa`ahikehe or tevolo. Be fascinated or infatuated by, or strongly attracted to a girl (or a boy) as if enchanted or bewitched Borrowed Problematic
Tongan ʔAavangaa To develop a terrible craze for, as if bewitched; to be infatuated Borrowed Problematic