Entries from Churchward 1959 in Pollex-Online

Churchward, C. M. (1959). Tongan Dictionary. London, Oxford University Press.

Language Item Description
Tongan Fakatoka Set about, set out, begin (to do something)
Tongan Fakaʔuta Imagine, envisage; consider, think of
Tongan Fakavaʔe To provide with legs or feet...; to provide with a stand, base (something) on...
Tongan Fakavaka Handle, frame, provide with a handle or frame
Tongan Faki Pick, pluck, especially banana, coconut
Tongan Fala Mat
Tongan Fala Sand for grave mound
Tongan Faa Seashore Pandanus
Tongan Faa/faa Kind of Pandanus
Tongan Faʔala Search for lice
Tongan Falafala Yam sp
Tongan Falala Lean v
Tongan Falala Blow against
Tongan Faalahi Wide
Tongan Falahola Pandanus sp.
Tongan Fale House
Tongan Fale koloa Shop, store
Tongan Faliki Floor
Tongan Faliki/ʔi Cover (Floor) with mats
Tongan Feliu/aki Change, turn around, become different
Tongan Fao Stretch tight, make taut
Tongan Faloo Stretch and keep stretched (e.g. to get the kinks or creases out of it)
Tongan Faloo Stretch oneself (esp in order to see something)
Tongan Fau Pull or drag by force
Tongan Fana Shoot
Tongan Kau/fana Bow
Tongan Fafana Whisper
Tongan Fanafana Whisper
Tongan Fanaa Mast
Tongan Fananga Fictitious fable or story, fairytale
Tongan Fanau-ʔi Have a child or children (human, animal, fish, but not birds). To bear, give birth to.
Tongan Faanau Children, offspring
Tongan Fano/vale Wander aimlessly
Tongan Fanofano Wash one's hands
Tongan Faano/a Haemorrhage Problematic
Tongan Fanongo Listen, hear, hear of
Tongan Fonua Land, people of the land
Tongan Fanua Old form, found in poetry
Tongan Fonua Afterbirth
Tongan Faʔo Nail
Tongan Faʔo To put in, to pack, to store
Tongan Fa/faʔo To load (a gun), fill (a pipe), stuff (a fowl etc.); to pack roughly or without due care
Tongan Foʔo/hake Lie face upwards (on one's back)
Tongan Foʔo/hifo Lie face downwards
Tongan Faʔao Seize and take by force, confiscate, wrest from
Tongan Faʔopuku Hold inside the mouth
Tongan Faha Mad, insane
Tongan Fahi Split, chop in two
Tongan Faʔahi Half, when division is lengthwise
Tongan Faʔahinga Kind, sort