Entries from Clark 1998 in Pollex-Online

Clark, R. (1998). A dictionary of the Mele language (Atara Imere), Vanuatu. Canberrra, Pacific Linguistics.

Language Item Description
Ifira-Mele Ffine Woman
Ifira-Mele Faafine Women
Ifira-Mele Fafo Outdoors
Ifira-Mele Fagai Feed
Ifira-Mele Faagota Gather seafood on the reef
Ifira-Mele Fai Stingray
Ifira-Mele Feiova Landing-place, stretch of waterfront
Ifira-Mele Faimanu Kind of large black ray
Ifira-Mele Faka Causative prefix
Ifira-Mele Faka- N times
Ifira-Mele Fafetai Thankyou . Problematic
Ifira-Mele Fakaraa/ina Dry in the sun
Ifira-Mele Fakanaru-mia Rinse (oneself) in fresh water
Ifira-Mele Fakaari Play tricks on, tease maliciously Uncertain Semantic Connection
Ifira-Mele Fakarogo Be quiet, be silent, not speak
Ifira-Mele Rau/fara Thornless type of Pandanus used for weaving
Ifira-Mele Fare House
Ifira-Mele Faariki Spread mats for sitting upon; floor
Ifira-Mele Firiu Turn (the body) Problematic
Ifira-Mele Faru Some, a few
Ifira-Mele Fana Bow
Ifira-Mele Faanau, fanau-a Give birth, have a baby. Bear (child), lay (egg).
Ifira-Mele Fano Go
Ifira-Mele F/fano Wash, as face or hands
Ifira-Mele Fao Tree with white flowers, timber used in houses
Ifira-Mele Fasi/a To split
Ifira-Mele Vasu/vaasua Mollusc sp Phonologically Irregular
Ifira-Mele Fata Raft
Ifira-Mele Fatafata Chest
Ifira-Mele Faji Break (v.t.)
Ifira-Mele Faji/a Break (v.t.)
Ifira-Mele Fatu Stone
Ifira-Mele Fitooriki Chiefs (collective)
Ifira-Mele Fau Shore Hibiscus (Hibiscus tiliaceus)
Ifira-Mele Fau/sia Lash
Ifira-Mele Fea Where?
Ifira-Mele Feke Octopus
Ifira-Mele Fenua Country, land, main island
Ifira-Mele Fia- Desire, want; prefix on a small group of words for basic life processes
Ifira-Mele Fia How many?
Ifira-Mele Firi/a Select, choose
Ifira-Mele Firi/a Roll seenit
Ifira-Mele Fitu Seven
Ifira-Mele Foi/a Break open (yam, breadfruit, coconut)
Ifira-Mele Foaga Pumice
Ifira-Mele Foe Paddle
Ifira-Mele Foki Again; also, more
Ifira-Mele For/sia Spread out something (as mats)
Ifira-Mele Fori/a Go around; surround
Ifira-Mele Foro/mia Swallow