Entries from McEwen 1970 in Pollex-Online

McEwen, J. M. (1970). Niue Dictionary. Wellington, Department of Maori and Island Affairs.

Language Item Description
Niue Va/vanu To go on and on, go out of sight
Niue Ungaunga Small cuts, wounds (as on a yam etc.); to carve
Niue Patapata Fish sp. (grey with orange patches on back, black spots on head and belly)
Niue Ae/nei This, these Problematic
Niue Afo/afo langi Signs of bad weather in the sky Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Aka/aka To tread on, trample
Niue Ala-uhu To arise early in the morning
Niue Ala(nga)vaka The prime minister and chief ruler under the king in former times Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Alito-mata Pupil of the eye; fig., apple of the eye (cherished object)
Niue (Kai) faka/amu To curse
Niue Ata/ngia To be eclipsed (as the sun), to be shadowed, reflected
Niue Ate/fua The liver
Niue Ate/pala The lungs
Niue Ate/vili The heart
Niue Faka/ati To visit; peep into, look at Problematic
Niue Auu To bark (as a dog)
Niue Faka/ave Quickly Phonologically Irregular
Niue Naa ee Postposed vocative: O!
Niue Ee Demonstrative: this, these
Niue Fa/fati/anga A measure. Allocation (Sph).
Niue Noa Free, unrestrained, boundless
Niue Lule/lule Wobbly, unstable
Niue Talu/melie Fertile (soil)
Niue Nemu/nemu Small particles, scraps. Small particles of fibre (Sph). Problematic
Niue Faalea (pl. faalelea) Disorderly, noisy Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Koo To crow, bark, squeal
Niue Kamapui Citronella grass (Cymbopogon nardus); also an introduced ornamental plant (Alpinia speciosa); [also refers to ginger spp. with added modifiers] Problematic
Niue Kolo/miti (Motu dialect), kolo/mete (Tafiti dialect) Whirlpool
Niue Koti/koti To notch, to fringe
Niue Langa To rise against; to race, wrestle; to lift...
Niue Lingo/lingo Numb
Niue Luku/luku A double handful
Niue Maui Foreigner (from Maui, the demigod, supposed to live in the underworld)
Niue Ma/hala Come apart (of cloth sewn together); be conquered, beaten in a game
Niue Mata/uka Stubborn, obstinate
Niue Mata/ka/kana Leering, lascivious looking; lustful. To look over something very thoroughly (with a mischievous purpose) (Sph). Problematic
Niue Mata/keu Cross-eyed
Niue Mata/paku Beginning to heal up (of wounds)
Niue Mata/poko Blind (disrespectful term)
Niue Me/mege To shrink, contract; wrinkled with age
Niue Aho/ngia Overtaken by daylight
Niue Fenono Silence (of a person) Problematic
Niue Faka/fenono To be silent Problematic
Niue Faka/tolo/tolo To crouch
Niue Fakatonu To tell plainly
Niue Ka/kava (pass. kava/hia (Lws)). Acrid, bitter Problematic
Niue Kemo/kemo To blink; to make signs with the eyes
Niue Ma/heu/heu Dishevelled
Niue Malie Exclamation showing pleasure at fine singing or dancing (Samoan)
Niue Faka/hogohogo To provoke