Entries from McEwen 1970 in Pollex-Online

McEwen, J. M. (1970). Niue Dictionary. Wellington, Department of Maori and Island Affairs.

Language Item Description
Niue Fio/ia To see (used only of chiefs or in worship). To wish to do something (Sph). Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue (Huki)faa Pineapple
Niue Tulula Boat (said to be a Samoan word). [?Samoan] A big, noisy, rusty vehicle; an old monstrosity of a vehicle ) (Sph). Borrowed
Niue Punuti A guard in fighting (spear or stick held horizontally over the head); a shield (mod.)
Niue Mamala A shrub (wands of which are used as the shafts of tika)
Niue Tau/aki To put stones on an oven
Niue Pakupaku Dry, shallow, low (of tide) Problematic
Niue Naa. Na (Sph). Sign of the plural, usually used for two, or very few, things, especially things occurring in pairs Problematic
Niue He Preposition with a wide range of meanings...sometimes replacing the article e
Niue Vao-motua The original dense forest, virgin bush
Niue Pehe To say
Niue Pehee Thus (used for present or future time)
Niue Hili To be caught in a branch (as a bird when shot); to lie on top of the water, be suspended, be buoyant in the water
Niue Uanga Worm, maggot, parasite
Niue Ulu-hina Grey-headed
Niue Ninei This day (now over)
Niue U/ulo To blow (as a fire, a trumpet); to blow (as a whale); to blow (as the wind). To smoke (tobacco products) (Sph).
Niue Faka/emo To eat sparingly Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Fifiti Hot on the tongue (like pepper). Acrid (as raw taro) (Lws).
Niue Ko/ete, folo/ete Anus Problematic
Niue Haa/taki Forbid, rebuke, hinder
Niue Feefee Elephantiasis Borrowed
Niue Kefu Disrespectful term of address (used in quarrelling); affectionate address to a boy Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Ketu/ketu To paddle swiftly Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Kii To whistle in a shrill manner. To fart (Sph). To squeak (Lws).
Niue Kono/kono To grunt (with effort)
Niue Lau Chorus (sung when dragging weights etc.); to help; to have similar habits (wife and husband)
Niue Laukou Greenery; foliage
Niue Lili/lili Shaky, not firm Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Lo/lopa To glitter, to glare (as on a very bright day) Phonologically Irregular
Niue Lo/lote To scratch severely
Niue Ma/tafa/tafa Break of day. Daybreak (Sph).
Niue Ma/tafa/tafaata Early morning
Niue Mo/tee Very soft or pulpy (because of decay). Bruised [ex. fruit](Sph).
Niue Mula/mula Tree sp.: Cassia alata, candelabra bush
Niue Puke namo Quite full
Niue Palepale The roof over a verandah
Niue Patoki(toki) Extra-black, jet black
Niue Piko To think erroneously; to be under a misapprehension
Niue Polefu. Pulefu (Sph). Mist, fog; indistinct, misty; to see with difficulty. To blur (Sph). Problematic
Niue Pula To stare vacantly
Niue Pu/pula To shine; to be new (of the moon)
Niue Putu/putu Gathering of relatives at a funeral
Niue Tefifi A trailing plant (Ipomoea gracilis), wild morning glory Problematic
Niue Tene/tene Poke a stick into a hole to drive out a crab Phonologically Irregular
Niue Tuta/vaaha. Tuta/vaha (Sph). The ocean; out at sea. Horizon of the ocean; out to sea (Sph).
Niue Uaki Spear made of one piece of wood (i.e. without separate point). One-barbed spear (Sph).
Niue Ue/a To concentrate; to prophesy
Niue Ufi/a To be covered; to overlook, to escape the memory. To forget (Sph).
Niue Vakai To wind round, roll up Phonologically Irregular