Entries from Pawley 1970 in Pollex-Online

Pawley, A. (1970). Grammatical reconstruction and change in Polynesian and Fiji. In S. A. Wurm and D. C. Laycock (Eds). Pacific linguistic studies in honour of Arthur Capell. Pacific Linguistics: Canberra.

Language Item Description
Hawaiian E Non-past
Kapingamarangi E General, habitual
Nukuoro E General
Hawaiian Hua Only, just
Fijian Ko ~ o Second person singular, preposed Problematic
Tongan Ke Second person singular, preposed
Samoan ʔO Present progressive
Tongan ʔOku Progressive Problematic
East Futuna Ma- Stativiser
Fijian Ma- Stativiser (semi-productive)
Hawaiian Ma- Stativiser
Nukuoro Ma- Stativiser
Samoan Ma(a)- Stativiser (semi-productive
Waya Ma(a)- Stativiser (semi-productive)
Fijian Ma/ru Nadi dialect
Emae Ma We (1 exc. dual subject pronoun)
Samoan Ma We two
Tokelau Kimaa 1st person dual exclusive pronoun: we two (he and I), us
Fijian Ma/ru Nadi dialect
Emae Ma
Sikaiana Ni Past tense marker
New Zealand Maori Pea(a) Perhaps, probably
East Futuna Taki- Distributive prefix
Hawaiian Kaʔi- Distributive prefix
New Zealand Maori Taki- Distributive prefix
Rarotongan Taki- Distributive prefix
Samoan Taʔi- Distributive prefix
Tongan Taki- Distributive prefix
Tuamotu Taki- Distributive prefix
Hawaiian Kua- Generations back, two...more than the suffixed number; Once, twice, three times, twofold, etc. (rare)
New Zealand Maori Tua- N times
Rarotongan Tua- Ordinal
Tuvalu Tua- Ordinal (Nanumea dialect) Problematic