Entries from Sperlich 1997 in Pollex-Online

Sperlich, Wolfgang B., ed. (1997) Tohi Vagahau Niue/ Niue Language Dictionary. Government of Niue in association with Department of LInguistics, University of Hawai'i, Honolulu

Language Item Description
Niue Ao Front, direction
Niue Ofa-nia To love (Obs.)
Niue Faka/alofa Greetings Phonologically Irregular
Niue Efi Enormous Problematic
Niue Amanaki Be prepared, be ready; hope, look forward to
Niue Ami Crab roe
Niue Amo To touch one thing only (refers to one who concentrates all his care on one thing)
Niue A/amo To touch
Niue H/amo To apply lightly (e.g. paint)
Niue Amo/hia Be touched; achieve the objective
Niue Amo/amohia To be possessed
Niue Amu Strip, string (traditionally refers to tiny strips of coconut husks, fou strings, hair, banana bark, and fibre strips or strings from other plants)
Niue Amu/amu Revile, mock, abuse a person
Niue Ana Cave, den
Niue Ne afiafi Last evening
Niue Ne fee When (past)?
Niue Ne afi Yesterday
Niue Ne poo Last night
Niue Ne pogipogi This morning (past)
Niue Anu To spit; spit (n)
Niue Ao/lagi Cloud (extensive cloud cover)
Niue H/ao To fit Problematic
Niue Ha/olo To resound, to be harmonious Problematic
Niue Pogipogi Tomorrow
Niue Aheu A fish, large-size bluefin trevally (Caranx melampygus)
Niue Ahi Sandalwood tree (Santalum yasi); a grasslike plant with leaves up to three feet long
Niue A/ahi To visit. visitor
Niue Aho Day
Niue Ahu Bail, ladle out, scoop out
Niue Ata Shadow, reflection. To reflect (McE).
Niue Ate Liver, (occasionally may refer to any organ)
Niue Ate loa Spleen
Niue Ate pili Spleen
Niue Ati Narrative conjunction: and then
Niue Ti Phrasal or narrative conjunction: and, and then, and so
Niue Ati Penetrate, enter, break through
Niue Ati To build (traditionally to collect stones and material for building a house
Niue Ato To cover (mainly refers to covering a shelter with leaves, or to cover an area of land with leaves , usually for the purpose of a burn-off). To thatch (McE).
Niue Atu Away from speaker towards hearer, towards a third person when neither speaker nor hearer involved; a comparative marker
Niue Atu Line, row, group
Niue Atu Give, pass
Niue Atu To throw carelessly
Niue Atua God. Spirit, ghost (obs.) (McE).
Niue Atule Big-eye scad (Selar crumenophthalmus)
Niue Au First person singular pronoun (Focus)
Niue A/au Ocean wave; to be swift (of sea). A current (McE).
Niue A/au To clear away. Clear away big branches when preparing a plantation (McE).
Niue Au Howl (as a dog)
Niue Aua Emphatic pre-verbal negation marker for second-person imperatives; do not, don't you dare
Niue Ua Pre-verbal negation marker for second person imperatives; don't, do not