Entries from Sperlich 1997 in Pollex-Online

Sperlich, Wolfgang B., ed. (1997) Tohi Vagahau Niue/ Niue Language Dictionary. Government of Niue in association with Department of LInguistics, University of Hawai'i, Honolulu

Language Item Description
Niue Fa/fao To stretch, to exercise
Niue Fana/fiti Bow and arrow
Niue Fana Gun; to shoot. Bow, arrow (McE).
Niue Fana/hi Apply something hot as a treatment for sickness; to hit with bare hands, cuff Problematic
Niue Fafana Whisper
Niue Fanaa Mast
Niue Faanau Children
Niue Fano Go (Singular)
Niue Pano/pano A small coastal tree (Guettarda speciosa) Phonologically Irregular
Niue F(o)umamala Shrub sp. (Homalanthus nutans)
Niue Fao Peg, nail, stake
Niue Fafao Pack, stuff, fill, put something in a container
Niue (Faka)foo/hake To lie face up, to face up
Niue Fo/foo Take something without permission. To rob, take by force, capture, abduct (McE). To take violently (Wms).
Niue Fahi To beat, to strap
Niue Fata Shelf, store house, work stage, store, stage
Niue Fatafata Chest (body part)
Niue Fati Break off, snap
Niue Fati To compose songs; tune Phonologically Irregular
Niue Fatu To fold
Niue Patu To be rocky; foundation, base Phonologically Irregular
Niue Patu/oo Rock, stone Phonologically Irregular
Niue Patuiki Monarch, king
Niue Fatuga Rafter
Niue Fatukalaa Obsidian, volcanic stone (traditionally imported from volcanic islands, used as weapons and implements)
Niue Fou (Hibiscus tiliaceus)
Niue Fa/fau Tie or lash onto a framework.
Niue Fou hele (Abutilon indicum)
Niue Fe- Reciprocal prefix
Niue Feooaki Go to and fro
Niue Fee Where? which? when?
Niue Fe/feua To play; to play the fool, to jest Problematic
Niue Fekau Message, send on an errand, allot a task
Niue Feke Ornated octopus (Polypus ornatus)...
Niue Fana/fonua Cannon
Niue Feo Coral
Niue Vihu To be tangled; difficult, involved, complex
Niue Fetau (Calophyllum inophyllum)
Niue Fetuu Star
Niue Fetuu aho Morning star
Niue Fia To desire, want
Niue Fiafia Joy, delight, pleasure, be happy, joyful
Niue Fii/hui Trousers
Niue Fifimata That part of the eyelid to which the eyelashes are attached; eyeline
Niue Fingota An edible sea-crab
Niue Fiha How many?
Niue Finagalo Wish, mind, spirit
Niue Te/afine, ti/afine, te/fine, he/afine; fine/fine. Afine, fe/afine (McE) Armpit
Niue Fihoa, vihoa Shrub sp. (Colubrina asiatica)
Niue Fiti To flip over. To fillip (Tgr). Uncertain Semantic Connection