Entries from Sperlich 1997 in Pollex-Online

Sperlich, Wolfgang B., ed. (1997) Tohi Vagahau Niue/ Niue Language Dictionary. Government of Niue in association with Department of LInguistics, University of Hawai'i, Honolulu

Language Item Description
Niue Faka/maloaa Reluctant, unwilling
Niue Faka/matino Umpire, referee. Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Fakaolo To reach out [hand]; to pass along; to place or put into
Niue Faka/paea To deport
Niue Faka/pe/peke To retreat, withdraw Problematic
Niue Faka/poka Castrate
Niue Faka/puaki Blow away hiccups (by blowing at baby's face)...
Niue Fakapulu To brood. To hatch (as eggs) (McE). Problematic
Niue Fakapulupulu To cuddle, to protect
Niue Faka/teaga Careless. Common, lowly; to despise (McE) Problematic
Niue Tagata faka/teaga Commoner. A nobody (McE). Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Faka/tikai To deny
Niue Faka/tio To glance. Glance backwards; look out of the corners of the eyes (McE).
Niue Fakatutuu To shout, call out, be loud [voice]. To perform a war-dance (McE).
Niue Fakaugauga To make small cuts, to chip
Niue Fakahuu Insert; post (letter); dye [ex.hair]
Niue Fakaulu To open [new house etc.], to launch Phonologically Irregular
Niue Fakaumiumi Reluctance; to slow down, to hold back
Niue Hili/faki To place or store carefully (traditionally by hanging in elevated places)
Niue Lefio Moth
Niue Maalie Often used in exclamations, such as showing appreciation for very good performances
Niue Faka/ene/ene Cautious, careful; (sit) still
Niue Kave/kave Rays of setting sun; cord, thread, line
Niue Ae Interjection used to call attention; interjection of surprise: Hey! Oh!
Niue Ae/nei, ae/nai, ai/nei, ai/nai Nowadays Problematic
Niue (A(e))naa That, those; now Problematic
Niue Ae/fee Which? where?
Niue Ane, kane If (past tense [counterfactual]) Problematic
Niue Ka/eke If (indeed) Phonologically Irregular
Niue Ma/eke To be able, to be possible, can, to be allowed Phonologically Irregular
Niue Moko elo Stink beetle
Niue Fe/olo To wander about. To wander to and fro [ex. people] (McE). Phonologically Irregular
Niue Hola/vao To run wild [ex. pig]
Niue Gaafi. Ugafi (Lws). Firewood
Niue Kave Cord, thread, line (derived from the original meaning of strips of bark used for carrying loads on the back)
Niue Liko/liko Open, empty (occurs only in association with lagi or puulagi, space) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Lule To wobble (of something fat and plumpish)
Niue Tuga/tuga, tuga/veve Rubbish heap
Niue Tuga laakau A place where sticks and branches are placed when clearing land
Niue Hake Following, next (time, day, week, year)
Niue Fohe mui vaka Steering paddle; an oar; third crew member of a three-man canoe
Niue Pali/a Hill Problematic
Niue Liti To throw, cast
Niue Leva To be a long time; for a long time
Niue Kaniva Upper corner [of a room] Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Kano/uma Lean meat Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Figo To crumple
Niue Fi/figo To wither, wrinkle
Niue Ma/figo/figo Crumpled (of fabrics); wrinkled (of skin)
Niue Mafiti Swift, quick Problematic