Entries from Sperlich 1997 in Pollex-Online

Sperlich, Wolfgang B., ed. (1997) Tohi Vagahau Niue/ Niue Language Dictionary. Government of Niue in association with Department of LInguistics, University of Hawai'i, Honolulu

Language Item Description
Niue Kave To carry an ill feeling
Niue Kekekeke Harsh (of voice)
Niue Kena To be split (of hair), to have split ends Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Ketu To push something aside; comb (hair)
Niue Ketu/ketu Pig's trotters
Niue Ketu/ketu Wooden comb
Niue Kia To peep, to poke out one's head
Niue K(i)ataa Starboard
Niue Kiii To squal, to shout in a shrill voice Phonologically Irregular
Niue Kiki, kihi Stunted growth Phonologically Irregular
Niue Koke/koke Handicapped person, chronically sick person Phonologically Irregular
Niue Kookio Beardfish (Polymixia japonica) Phonologically Irregular
Niue Koku To bend down, stoop Phonologically Irregular
Niue Kole(kole) Last portion, final part or stage. Last scraps of anything (McE). Problematic
Niue Koli/vao Tree sp. (Syzygium richii)...
Niue Komuli Fish sp., trevally, dark colour, caught at night Problematic
Niue Kono To feel discontented, to moan, to sulk
Niue Koto To cut hurriedly or carelessly Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Kuii/kuii To squeak Phonologically Irregular
Niue Kulu/i-a To slay (archaic)
Niue Kuputi. Kuputi/a (McE) To encircle, embrace
Niue Kupu/kupu Checked (pattern), variegated, striped
Niue Laga To have labour pains, to be in labour
Niue Laga/a Cause, affect, influence
Niue Lake/lake Shallow Problematic
Niue Laki Carry or hold a large load
Niue Laku To touch, handle (urually with negative connotation). To mix (McE).
Niue Lakua Fish sp., blenny or skipper (Blennidae)
Niue La/lata Tame
Niue Lao, nao To probe (with finger or hand), put one's fingers or hand into something
Niue Lau To be well acquainted, to get on well
Niue Laauga Sermon, discourse; to present a sermon. To talk continuously (McE).
Niue Lava, lave To wrap
Niue Lave Wear or use temporarily
Niue Legalega Shaded, spotted Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Lehu Scoop out, ladle out Problematic
Niue Leo To wait Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Lia/lia/pou Giddy Phonologically Irregular
Niue Liki/ti, niki/ti Lift, hold up, uplift, raise Phonologically Irregular
Niue Lili/lili To really want something (implies being envious and "put out" if one cannot get it) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Nofo/i, lofo/i To sit carelessly (in terms of comfort and cleanliness)
Niue Lo/i To smear
Niue Loku Carry a heavy load; fish with a rod Uncertain Semantic Connection
Niue Lo/lopa/gia To be dazzled Phonologically Irregular
Niue Maopo, malopo Out of shape Phonologically Irregular
Niue Lopo To crush Problematic
Niue Lopo/ti To close, cover; take all for oneself; take good care Problematic
Niue Lote To scratch
Niue Lot/i To bless
Niue Luu Young taro leaves used for food (mixed with coconut cream and baked in oven)