Entries from Elbert 1975-81 in Pollex-Online

Elbert, S. H. (1975-81). Dictionary of the Language of Rennell and Bellona. Copenhagen, The National Museum of Denmark.

Language Item Description
Rennellese Higi Pink-spotted fruit dove
Rennellese Higi Braid, lash, twist
Rennellese Higimoto Tree, edible fruits (Flacourtia inermis)
Rennellese Higo Coil, braid; to mix
Rennellese Higo To mix, as food, or as persons with others unlike himself
Rennellese Hinangago Larynx, believed source of emotions, have thoughts, feelings
Rennellese Hi(g)imatuʔa Wife Phonologically Irregular
Rennellese Hiti Emerge as a fish from the water, or the sun
Rennellese Hiti Original inhabitants of Rennell and Bellona
Rennellese Hitihitikia Begin to get grey hair
Rennellese Hitu Seven, seventh
Rennellese Hiu Be bored, tired, to have had enough to eat
Rennellese Hoo To mix, as water with resin for tattooing
Rennellese Hoa(hoa) Crack, split, smash; Break (as egg, nut)
Rennellese Hoe Paddle n, paddle v
Rennellese Hou Masturbate, especially by women Uncertain Semantic Connection
Rennellese Hokai General name for monitor lizards (Varanus indicus indicus)
Rennellese Hoki Go or come back, return
Rennellese Hoki Also, too; again
Rennellese Hoga Spread, as mats
Rennellese Hogahoga To tell, confess
Rennellese Hogau Ocean voyage, travellers making such; to sail
Rennellese Hogi To go by canoe a short distance
Rennellese Ho/hogi/ Turn or swerve, as a bird before landing
Rennellese Hogo Swallow, ingest
Rennellese Hono A ritual, priest chiefs performing such, sorcery
Rennellese Honu Full of liquid
Rennellese Honu Green turtle, (Chelonia mydas)
Rennellese Honuhonu Watery, moist, soggy
Rennellese Hosa Son
Rennellese Hoto Barb, as on a stingray's tail
Rennellese Poto/i Shape roughly, as bowl or canoe-hull Phonologically Irregular
Rennellese Hotu Come forth, appear
Rennellese Hotu Punctured, holed, as a canoe
Rennellese Hoʔou New, fresh
Rennellese Huu Clap slowly while gesturing in dance
Rennellese Huu Secret; hide, conceal
Rennellese Hua Fruit, nut, seed, bulbil, berry, egg
Rennellese Hua Small outrigger canoe Uncertain Semantic Connection
Rennellese Hua Be naked, alone
Rennellese Hua Pick Pandanus leaves for thatch
Rennellese Hua(a) Song; sing a song
Rennellese Huaʔa Harmful creatures, as flying-foxes and rats Problematic
Rennellese Hua ʔeha To be large, big, fat, important
Rennellese Huahua Pimple
Rennellese Huahua Some mullets and mullet-like fish, e.g. (Liza oligolepis)
Rennellese Huʔaaika Some crevallies or trevallies, including blue-fin trevally (Caranx melampygus)
Rennellese Hua taga /qeha A kind of song sung in temples during kanogoto rituals Phonologically Irregular
Rennellese Huata One hundred thatch panels Problematic
Rennellese Huatahi, huatasi To be single, unmarried; unmarried person