Entries from Elbert 1975-81 in Pollex-Online

Elbert, S. H. (1975-81). Dictionary of the Language of Rennell and Bellona. Copenhagen, The National Museum of Denmark.

Language Item Description
Rennellese Hana Mast
Rennellese Hano Go
Rennellese Pua/hano/ A tree (Guettarda speciosa)
Rennellese Haʔo Chisel
Rennellese Haʔo Put up or into
Rennellese Haʔo Chisel; to chisel; holes for lashings in a canoe
Rennellese Fa’ao Take, capture, snatch, rob
Rennellese Hasa/hasa Wail, groan, moan
Rennellese Haasua General name for giant clams or Tridacnas
Rennellese Hata Platform, perch, shelf
Rennellese Hatahata Chest
Rennellese (Hata)hatai To fork, as a tree Problematic
Rennellese Hati Break, as waves or bones
Rennellese Hati Turn v
Rennellese Hatingaa geʔo Speaking, speech, pronunciation, voice
Rennellese Hatu Compose a song
Rennellese Hatu Fold, bend, lash v.
Rennellese Hatu Stone, rock, coral
Rennellese Patuke A brownish sea-urchin commonly eaten Phonologically Irregular
Rennellese Hatu-manaba Heart
Rennellese Hatutigi Thunder, thunderbolt
Rennellese Hau (Hibiscus tiliaceus)
Rennellese Haʔu To tie, lash, as with sinnet
Rennellese Haʔu Tapa turban; head lei; halo; crown
Rennellese He- Reciprocal prefix
Rennellese He-...-ʔaki Indicates reciprocal or pluiral action
Rennellese Hea Which? what? where?
Rennellese Heʔauaki To say farewell Problematic
Rennellese Hehoki/hoki/saki (plural) To go or come back and forth, as a ship; to be repetitive, as a chant
Rennellese Heʔiti(ʔaki) Copulate (of two people)
Rennellese Hekaheka To be smeared, filth-littered
Rennellese Hekau Work, workers
Rennellese Heke Octopus, octopodia sp.
Rennellese Hekiʔi To let wind, fart
Rennellese He/hega/ Sit or stand with legs wide apart, as to expose genitals
Rennellese Hegau Care for, feed, attend to
Rennellese Bilaabei Meet, encounter Problematic
Rennellese Hegohego Be yellow
Rennellese Hego A tree (Ficus tinctoria)
Rennellese Henua Land, island
Rennellese Henua People of the land
Rennellese Henua Afterbirth
Rennellese He/ta/taʔi To fight each other, as in rape
Rennellese Hetaʔu (Calophyllum inophyllum)
Rennellese Hetuʔu Star, constellation
Rennellese Sia- To want, to like Problematic
Rennellese Hihi Vagina
Rennellese Hia How many?
Rennellese Hiu/nga The border, start-edge, of a mat
Rennellese Higi Choose, select, vote