Entries from Elbert 1975-81 in Pollex-Online

Elbert, S. H. (1975-81). Dictionary of the Language of Rennell and Bellona. Copenhagen, The National Museum of Denmark.

Language Item Description
Rennellese Haahine Women, female (always plural)
Rennellese Haho Exterior, outside
Rennellese Hahanga Stretch (as cloth), open (as a shell), loosen
Rennellese Ha/hanga To spread (as legs)
Rennellese -Hanga Nominaliser
Rennellese Hanga Rattan trap for paghabu fish at the Lake
Rennellese Hangahanga Long-handled nets used for flying-fish
Rennellese Haangai To feed, give food
Rennellese Hangamea A fish (Lutjanus coatesii)
Rennellese Haangongo Coconut-shell container
Rennellese Haangota Fish or gather shells, especially by women on the reef
Rennellese Hahangu Roar, as fire; blow the nose
Rennellese Hai Rays and skate-like fishes
Rennellese Hai Do; take care of, attend to
Rennellese Hai To have intercourse with
Rennellese Hai tauʔa To battle, make war Problematic
Rennellese Hai Have, own, get
Rennellese Haʔi/tunga Sacred house in cult grounds or other house used for worship Problematic
Rennellese Haʔiaba Beach area, reef opening; people there; place where ha`ugua shrine or canoe was placed
Rennellese Haingaohie Easy; affable, kind, easy to approach
Rennellese Haingataʔa To be hard, difficult, obstinate, hard to approach, uncooperative
Rennellese Baaʔita Be clenched, exposed, as teeth Phonologically Irregular
Rennellese Hai tama To give birth, have a child
Rennellese Haitamana Classificatory father in relationship to his children; to be such
Rennellese Haaite Measure; depth sounder; height, distance, depth
Rennellese Haʔitotoka Front side (both inside and outside) of a house or, of a grave
Rennellese Haiba All kinds of gathering, fishing, catching, killing, making money
Rennellese Haiba All kinds of gathering; fishing, snaring, spearing, making money
Rennellese Haka- Causative
Rennellese Haka- Prefix of similitude
Rennellese Haka/ʔeteʔete/ Be quiet, silent (as one under taboo); go or come quietly
Rennellese Hakahana Heat over, re-cook
Rennellese Hakahano (Kua hakahano te tina'e) The stomach defecates (after constipation)
Rennellese Hakakaa To sharpen, as a digging stick Problematic
Rennellese Hakaaga Take food on trail (aga) as to ritual feast, food so taken
Rennellese Hakagaʔaa To sun, dry in the sun, sun-bathe
Rennellese Hakaganu Fill with liquid
Rennellese Hakaʔagi Show, demonstrate
Rennellese Hakagongo Hear, listen, obey, feel, taste
Rennellese Hakamaʔu To make fast or firm; to hold; to be permanent, fixed
Rennellese Hakasani Tie together, as two unhusked coconuts Problematic
Rennellese Haki Pluck, as fruit
Rennellese Haki/haki/ To say
Rennellese Haga Pandanus
Rennellese Hagaga Lean back or to the side
Rennellese Hage House, hut, building
Rennellese Haagiki Mat, table mat, object lying under anything; lie under, be spread upon
Rennellese Hagiu Return
Rennellese Hagoo Reach for, bend over to reach
Rennellese Hana Shoot, as arrow, bow, speargun