Entries from Feinberg 1977 in Pollex-Online

Feinberg, R. (1977). The Anutan language reconsidered: Lexicon and grammar of a Polynesian Outlier. New Haven, Human Relations Area Files Press.

Language Item Description
Anuta Peau Ocean wave
Anuta Pengu Dull, not sharp (e.g. of a knife)
Anuta Pee/pee, pepe, pei-ia To throw; be carried away by wind or tide
Anuta Peka Bat, particularly flying-fox; a poor or impoverished man
Anuta Pete Sing, song
Anuta Pito Navel, umbilical cord
Anuta Pongipongi Morning, 5-11 a.m.
Anuta Poka Jump with a start as when suddenly awakened
Anuta Pokouru Head
Anuta Pora Coconut leaf mat used to cover a canoe when it is not being used...
Anuta Poto Wise, expert
Anuta Potu/aa The end of a house
Anuta Pou Post of a house or other structure
Anuta Pouri Night, darkness, be dark
Anuta Pui Smell n. (type of smell)
Anuta Puko pakatangia A kind of tree with fairly soft and very light wood, from which model canoes and outrigger floats are made (Hernandia peltata) Problematic
Anuta Puko vai A kind of very large tree whose leaves are eaten (Cordia subcordata) Problematic
Anuta Puke Bow and stern areas of a canoe...narrow, hollowed out and covered over...; bow and stern breastplates of a canoe
Anuta Puku To put something in one's mouth
Anuta Purapura/ivae Anklebone Problematic
Anuta Aere Walk, walk about
Anuta Tanguru The sound of a very strong wind
Anuta Te kura Black marlin Phonologically Irregular
Anuta Tara Wrong; incorrect (either empirically or morally)
Anuta Kai/tamu/ Eat fish only
Anuta Taapi Touch, pick up, carry, grab. [s.v. aapai] to carry a small object, such as a pencil or pipe, in one's hands Phonologically Irregular
Anuta Tatave Flying-fish
Anuta Tau Carry, take, bring (poss. TIK loanword)
Anuta Taunga Sour, pungent or other disagreeable odour; stink (exx. uncooked *ma*, rotten fish)
Anuta Tee/vao Grasshopper
Anuta Tei Flower worn as ear-ornament; child (metaphorically)
Anuta Ere/ mei A tool for scraping breadfruit
Anuta Tema Left
Anuta Tetenga Yellow
Anuta Tepo Lick or lap something up
Anuta V/eu Catch birds by net Problematic
Anuta Ii Semen, ejaculate
Anuta Tika (te api) To make fire by friction, using "fire plow" method
Anuta Iki To lift, carry
Anuta Iko(iko) Roll up string; transfer string figure to another person's hands. Problematic
Anuta Tipa/ i maaroro Immature flying-fish
Anuta Oo Go, proceed. (Used with directionals ake, atu, mai)
Anuta Oata Red or reddish-brown
Anuta Toko To join objects by placing them end to end in such a way that they are touching, but without tying
Anuta Tori To give
Anuta Omo Show above ground, of seedling; leaf of a seedling Problematic
Anuta Ue Uncover canoe
Anuta Ue/i Lift up a sheet or mat; open a jar
Anuta Tumu Triggerfish
Anuta Ta(a) Strike, hit; an implement used for striking (i.e. a club)