Entries from Feinberg 1977 in Pollex-Online

Feinberg, R. (1977). The Anutan language reconsidered: Lexicon and grammar of a Polynesian Outlier. New Haven, Human Relations Area Files Press.

Language Item Description
Anuta Tavake Tropic Bird
Anuta Toake Tropic Bird
Anuta Te Definite article singular
Anuta Tee Excrement Problematic
Anuta Tepa/tepa Stagger (as when wounded, drunk, famished)
Anuta Tenga Seed
Anuta Teki Jump or twitch, as when bitten by an ant
Anuta Tipa Pearlshell
Anuta Tipitipi A kind of fish
Anuta Tika A type of dart made from a reed shaft about four feet long, with a heavy hardwood head; a contest in which men compete to see how far they can throw their *tika* darts...; to throw something after the fashion of throwing a reed dart
Anuta Tiri A kind of net used in Tikopia but no longer in Anuta
Anuta Timu Light rain, drizzle
Anuta Too
Anuta Topi Garden, orchard
Anuta Tonga East to south-east; wind from that quarter; season during which such winds are common (trade-wind season)
Anuta To/ti Pull or carry a canoe out to sea, lift, bring Problematic
Anuta Toke Eel
Anuta Tokerau Northeast; wind coming from a northeasterly direction
Anuta Tore Female sex organ
Anuta Toru Three
Anuta Tonu Correct, right, true
Anuta Tou First person incl. plural incorporated pronoun
Anuta Tu(u) To stand; to be particularly prominent or outstanding
Anuta Tuu Pierce or stab, from the point of view of the instrument
Anuta Tuatina Mother's brother
Anuta Tipunga Carpenter; the man who performs the operation during a boy's initiation (circumcision) rite
Anuta Tungia Put fire to something; throw something in fire
Anuta Tui Formal title for an Anutan chief
Anuta Tuke Lower abdomen
Anuta Turuaapo Midnight
Anuta Tuma Slow (of a canoe)
Anuta Tumu Protuberance on tree-trunk Problematic
Anuta Tumuoki Top of human head
Anuta Tupa Land crab
Anuta Tupu Fontanelle Problematic
Anuta Tui Point with finger
Anuta Tutu To pound, as in preparing bark-cloth
Anuta Tutu Kindle, ignite, light (pipe); to burn oneself
Anuta -u Second person singular possessive suffix
Anuta Upi Yam
Anuta Upi/upi Cover a canoe with leaves; to mulch (taro)
Anuta Upurei A kind of yam (of the *Taumako* variety) Phonologically Irregular
Anuta Ua Rain (n,v)
Anuta Uka Thin line or cord
Anuta Uka Muscle, sinew, blood vessel
Anuta -(k)oru(a) Second person dual possessive suffix
Anuta Urumatua Firstborn child
Anuta Umata Rainbow
Anuta Umo/ti To pinch
Anuta Una Turtle shell