Entries from Feinberg 1977 in Pollex-Online

Feinberg, R. (1977). The Anutan language reconsidered: Lexicon and grammar of a Polynesian Outlier. New Haven, Human Relations Area Files Press.

Language Item Description
Anuta Uno Fish scale Problematic
Anuta Uti A kind of manongi plant (Evodia)
Anuta Uto Buttocks
Anuta Uti/uti Disposed towards biting or capable of inflicting a painful bite (e.g. centipede)
Anuta -kotou Second person plural possessive suffix
Anuta Vaa Interval of space; descent line
Anuta Vai Generic term for water; water container; fresh water supply
Anuta Vaka/atua Spirit medium
Anuta Vakavaka Side of torso
Anuta Varevare Fluids in vagina during intercourse.
Anuta Vari/vari Viscous, semi-solid as jelly, pudding
Anuta Varu Eight
Anuta Vau Scrape taro with a _kuei_ or grate coconut on a -vakautuei_ Borrowed
Anuta Vata Ocean wastes; the open sea, out of sight of land
Anuta Vaatia Time, period of time.
Anuta Vaava Umbilical cord
Anuta (Va)vave Quick, fast; speed
Anuta Vero Thrust, as in stabbing
Anuta Vene A strip of barkcloth used to tie a *poopora* type basket to a woman's back
Anuta Vevera Hot, feverish, fever
Anuta Vii Sour or bitter (as *ma* or beer)
Anuta Paki To harvest fruits or vegetables growing above the ground
Anuta Pai/nga pua Easy
Anuta Ko/kopu Dust, smoke, water spray; to swirl around like a 'dust devil' or water spout
Anuta Pura A type of fish
Anuta Tua Rear portion of something; outside, away
Anuta Pakatere/vaka To sail a ship or canoe
Anuta Tari Sennit cord used for lashing canoes
Anuta Vera To burn (as to burn a person, or for an object to burn up)
Anuta (Ve)vera Hot; feverish, fever
Anuta Turaki Plural of tu 'stand'
Anuta Ika tapu A kind of fish reaching perhaps five pounds; very hard fighter and very good to eat; with navy blue and gold markings (pompano?)
Anuta Papa Rope for securing the mast of a canoe
Anuta Maa mei Fermented breadfruit
Nukumanu Taka/sii Copra production
Anuta Mataavaka Bow of canoe or other vessel
Anuta Magio To itch, cause itching
Anuta Pakapua Ocean waves
Anuta Tata To pull coconut seedling out of the ground
Anuta Tautari Follow; obey; depend upon
Anuta Tepe To skin something with a knife
Anuta Roi Lie (n) (as opposed to the truth)
Anuta Ota Sago palm
Anuta Ngatao Arrow (also other projectiles e.g. bullet) Phonologically Irregular
Anuta Pure/i Foreskin; for foreskin to recede or open as erection takes place
Anuta Pakia To get cut
Anuta Pa To land
Anuta U/uti To bite
Anuta Pakaka To burn, as in burning a piece of wood
Anuta Paka/ka/kaa To light (a fire)