Entries from Feinberg 1977 in Pollex-Online

Feinberg, R. (1977). The Anutan language reconsidered: Lexicon and grammar of a Polynesian Outlier. New Haven, Human Relations Area Files Press.

Language Item Description
Anuta Ta(a) To chop down; to cut; to build [ex. canoe]
Anuta Ta First person inclusive dual preposed subject pronoun
Anuta -ta(ua) First person inclusive dual possessive suffix
Anuta Taeturi Earwax
Anuta Tapea To drift
Anuta Taporaa Whales, dolphins
Anuta Tapu To put wood on a fire so that it will burst into flame, for purpose of cooking etc.
Anuta Tapuri Capsize
Anuta Tangata Man, person; male
Anuta Tangi To cry, moan
Anuta Tai Water covering the reef
Anuta Taina Sibling or sibling-in-law of the same sex
Anuta Taka Unmarried person
Anuta Takariri Shake as in shivering or convulsion
Anuta Taakaro The game of making string figures ("cat's cradle")
Anuta Takere Bottom, or base or underside of a canoe, box or bowl, but not such objects as a house, bottle, or solid piece of wood
Anuta Taki To lead (either physically or in the sense of giving directions or orders); to troll (for fish); a kind of dance
Anuta Tara Barb of spear, fish-hook etc
Anuta Tara/nga Language, speech
Anuta Ta/tara/ To open something; to untie (a box, door, parcel, or similar object); to turn on (tape recorder, radio); to forgive
Anuta Tarapa Beard
Anuta Taringa Ear
Anuta Tama Turmeric grater
Anuta Tama papine Female child
Anuta Tamai Father Problematic
Anuta Tamaki Very much, extremely, too much
Anuta Tamariki Children (plural)
Anuta Tamaaroa Bachelor
Anuta Tamana Father
Anuta Ta mate To kill (strike dead); to extinguish something such as a light or fire
Anuta Tamati(i) Child (young person) Problematic
Anuta Tao Bake in earth oven
Anuta Tapi For a woman to wash her genitals
Anuta Tapu Sacred, holy, forbidden
Anuta Tai One Problematic
Anuta Tataa Bail a boat or canoe; canoe bailer
Anuta Tatao To chase; to steer with a paddle (tatao te poe)
Anuta Tatau? tatao? To squeeze; to express coconut cream using hibiscus fibe
Anuta -tatou First person inclusive plural possessive suffix
Anuta Ta(a)tou We (inc.)
Anuta Ta/tau Count, read
Anuta Tau War
Anuta Tau/ranga Formal friendship relationship between an Anutan and a Tikopian; individual or group involved in such Problematic
Anuta Tau Year
Anuta Taaua We two (inc.)
Anuta Taui, (tau vi?) Exchange, purchase; price, pay
Anuta Taura Anchor
Anuta Tainamu Mosquito net
Anuta Tau unu A tree (Tournefortia argentea) Phonologically Irregular
Anuta Tautai Sea expert