Entries from Firth 1985 in Pollex-Online

Firth, R. (1985). Tikopia-English Dictionary/Taranga Fakatikopia ma Taranga Fakainglisi. Auckland, Auckland University Press

Language Item Description
Tikopia Kaso Roof thatch supports of palm wood strips
Tikopia Kaso Reed (Miscanthus japonicus)
Tikopia Kasoa Necklace, necklet of leaf or flowers, neck pendant
Tikopia Ivi kasokaso Short ribs under arms
Tikopia Kata Laugh
Tikopia Kata General category of large sea fish
Tikopia Katafa Bird's Nest Fern,(Asplenium nidus)
Tikopia Rau/katafa/ Bird's Nest Fern,(Asplenium nidus)
Tikopia Katea Starboard side of canoe, opposite to outrigger side
Tikopia Kati Bite into
Tikopia Katoa All, every, whole
Tikopia Kau To swim, of a person
Tikopia Kau Company, group, body of people
Tikopia Kau/raro Wallplate
Tikopia Kau/viroviro Firestick
Tikopia Kau Stalk, stem supporting a bunch of fruit, e.g. bananas; handle of implement
Tikopia Kau First person singular pronoun, short form
Tikopia Kau (Ki) be present at; participate in; attend
Tikopia Kauae Jaw, chin
Tikopia Kauanga Inner side of the thighs (indelicate term)
Tikopia Kaauui Sinnet cord support of bag-net
Tikopia Kaukau Bathe and swim, wash oneself
Tikopia Kaumafuta Tripod of poles as a filter stand for turmeric extraction
Tikopia Kau Command (tell); request; invite
Tikopia Kaunatu Fire-stick
Tikopia Kaupapa White limestone, very hard
Tikopia Kaute Flowering Hibiscus spp.
Tikopia Kava (Piper methysticum)
Tikopia Kavakava (atua) A wild pepper (Piper sp.)
Tikopia Kavapui Plant of the ginger family
Tikopia K/kave Carry, bear off
Tikopia Kave Sibling of opposite sex
Tikopia Kavei Tentacle of octopus
Tikopia Kavenga Guiding star
Tikopia Kaviki Ghost crab (Ocypode sp.)
Tikopia Ke Particle preceding verb or qualifier as infinitive sign or to indicate purpose; to, to be, in order to, may
Tikopia Kefu A basic colour term in the blue-green range
Tikopia Kee Different (abbrev. kese) WT262
Tikopia Keke Shivering Problematic
Tikopia Kela Dirty, soiled; epithet of annoyance
Tikopia Kere Earth
Tikopia Kalemutu Grub which attacks taro corm Problematic
Tikopia Keri To dig
Tikopia Kero Nearly dead, in extremis; nearly finished (ex. water in bottle)
Tikopia Kemo Wink, twinkle, blink
Tikopia Kena White, especially pure white; devoid of colour, bright, shining; pale, bleached; flaxen, of hair
Tikopia Maua/kena/ (Sula sp.)
Tikopia Kenu Footmark, track of feet or tail
Tikopia Kesa Green, yellow-green, with suggestion of off-colour, indeterminate between light and dark, hence may be applied to greenish grey, purplish grey, or murky brown of dry leaves
Tikopia Kese, kee Different, away, apart