Entries from Firth 1985 in Pollex-Online

Firth, R. (1985). Tikopia-English Dictionary/Taranga Fakatikopia ma Taranga Fakainglisi. Auckland, Auckland University Press

Language Item Description
Tikopia Sau ariki To select a chief
Tikopia Fia inu To be thirsty
Tikopia Aro/rangi Poetic name for sky
Tikopia Aro/rangi Poetic name for sky
Tikopia Kango/kango Twigs; small dead branches
Tikopia Tautasi Singly, alone
Tikopia Taurongo Inform, talk to; make known, announce
Tikopia Tau/tau-via Rebuke, abuse
Tikopia Tautau-via Rebuke, abuse
Tikopia A/forau Canoe shed
Tikopia Kai tee "Eat filth" (in cursing)
Anuta Kape To scoop something out, as in tearing out one's eyeball; to remove the top of something, like a tin can or the end of a coconut
Tikopia Kau Hook of great size, esp. shark hook...
Tikopia Maringa/ringa Hair at border of temple
Tikopia Maringa Small pinnules at base of palmate leaf etc.
Tikopia Ng/aio Calm; lack of wind
Tikopia Fatuaki Begin intertwining process
Anuta Patumanava Heart
Tikopia Taka/faki Stamp on; stamp down; tread down
Tikopia Taka/vakai Turn round
Tikopia Seru/uruu Comb (mod.); (previously) sharpened stick used to tease out hair
Tikopia Sau/mariki Be damp Phonologically Irregular
Tikopia Tuke Projection on body (applied to genitalia in improper speech)
Tikopia Tufa/ki Instruct; command; arrange; (mod.) preach
Tikopia Suru/suru Personal decoration of spray of leaves worn in girdle at back, esp. in dancing, and by males
Tikopia Tu/nga Wooden slab on which bark cloth trad. beaten
Tikopia Vane/vane A blue-striped perch (Lutjanus quinquelineatus or L.kasmira)...
Tikopia Vini Whistle or analogous sound...
Tikopia A/aru Move onwards, advance
Tikopia Tukutuku Spider sp.
Tikopia Poo Night as unit of time, often equivalent to day
Tikopia Fakarua Repeat; twice; doubled
Tikopia Nanu/nanu Confused (of speech), inarticulate
Tikopia Nafea When? (past)
Tikopia Fakaseke ifo i te ngaru Slid down on the waves (surfing)
Tikopia Matenga Death
Tikopia Marepe Spread out Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tikopia Tautonu Exactly, precisely, correctly
Tikopia Faka/seemuu Silent
Tikopia Fefea How? Of what sort? (Drd).
Tikopia Sanga Basket of food given as reward for work of borrowed planter; oven prepared for *sanga tapu* workers
Tikopia Sanga tapu Traditional ritual collective cultivation on sixth day of *Pea* festival for girl of rank
Tikopia Anga/a Feast (gen.) Problematic
Tikopia Rangi Invoke, summon
Tikopia Rangi/aki Summon
Tikopia Matini Flag, pennant; barkcloth streamer (?for *noa*, ritual streamer of barkcloth or leaf marker, as memorial decoration, temple offering, or taboo sign) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tikopia Tua/a Be anxious Phonologically Irregular
Tikopia Tua/naki Trust
Tikopia Tureki Turn over; overturn; upset