Entries from Firth 1985 in Pollex-Online

Firth, R. (1985). Tikopia-English Dictionary/Taranga Fakatikopia ma Taranga Fakainglisi. Auckland, Auckland University Press

Language Item Description
Tikopia Furu Hair, feathers
Tikopia (Fu)furu-na Rub on; cleanse by rubbing; cleanse, in traditional ritual (esp. by rubbing with liquid)
Tikopia Funa Hide
Tikopia Fune Skin disease; apparently scabies
Tikopia Funu Pubic hair
Tikopia Futa Net float
Tikopia Futi Pull, pull up, as a fishing line
Tikopia Futi Banana
Tikopia Futu (Barringtonia asiatica)
Tikopia -nga Gerundive suffix
Tikopia Ngaa Screech, utter hoarse cry Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tikopia Ngaa Definite article plural
Tikopia Ngaa/ngea Locality of restricted size
Tikopia Ngafa Lay hands on, grasp, grip Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tikopia Ngaengae Sick, ill; sluggish, apathetic
Tikopia Ngae Tired, weak
Tikopia Ngakau Interior of mouth, throat, gullet; guts
Tikopia Ngako Plump, fat (adj)
Tikopia Ngari Bite (with teeth); gnaw, nibble
Tikopia Ngaro Lost (a variety of concrete and abstracts senses); forgotten, submerged, die, lost to sight
Tikopia Ngaru Wave, swell
Tikopia Ngaruee Make pudding (us. by addition of coconut cream, with pounding) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tikopia Ngarue/nga Pudding of cooked vegetables, mashed with coconut cream Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tikopia Ngaruru Move, quiver, stir, tremble
Tikopia Ngaaruru Throb painfully. Especially associated with headache
Tikopia Ngaangea Locality of restricted size
Tikopia Ngao Footprint
Tikopia Ngaofe Drooping, as flowers, shrubs etc.
Tikopia Ngaofia Easily, softly
Tikopia Ngafua Licit, appropriate, usu. of food
Tikopia Ngaoaa Abundance of pebbles or boulders
Tikopia Ngasau Arrow (traditionally with reed shaft and bone tip)
Tikopia Ngangase Weak
Tikopia Ngase Rustling, dribbling, rattling sound
Tikopia Ngasu A shrub (Scaevola sp.); Grows near shore; white odourless flower
Tikopia Ngasue Move, stir (exx. of heart, child in womb etc.)
Tikopia Ngatai (Erythrina)
Tikopia Ngatai Beach, shore, seadward(s)
Tikopia Ngatara Fish of Serranidae family...
Tikopia Ngatata Make bumping, rattling noise
Tikopia Ngatete Rattle
Tikopia Ngatoro/toro Crawl
Tikopia Ngaatoro/toro Crawl (plural)
Tikopia Ngatu Used, worn
Tikopia Ngau Bite, chew; take in teeth
Tikopia Ngavari/vari Slack, of man
Tikopia Ngeengee Weak, inept
Tikopia Ngeri/ngeri Tiny Problematic
Tikopia Ngii Cry quietly and continuously, grizzle, make constant low creaking sound
Tikopia Ngii/ngii Sob, wail quietly, grizzle