Entries from Pawley & Sayaba 2003 in Pollex-Online

Pawley, A. and T. Sayaba (2003). Words of Waya: A dictionary of the Wayan dialect of the Western Fijian language. Canberra, Department of Linguistics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies.

Language Item Description
Waya Kato Container with lid: case, box, trunk, basket ...
Waya Kato-ni Put or keep something in a case
Waya Qau-va Swim
Waya Qina Sea urchin with long spikes
Waya Asi/asi (Syzygium sp.)
Waya Qumu-a Grasp something in hand or claw
Waya G/icu Nose
Waya Drakwa Decay, rot; be infected, containing mucous or pus Uncertain Semantic Connection
Waya Kalu Be scratched by claws or fingernails
Waya Kalu-ti Scratch something with claws or fingernails
Waya Dram Lick
Waya Drano A large body of freshwater lying inland; a lake or pond
Waya (Wai) dranu Fresh water
Waya Laso-ki Gore something with horns Problematic
Waya Rau Leaf; a hair, hairs of the head...
Waya Rau Hair
Waya Ravu Ashes
Waya Re(re)gwa Turmeric
Waya Dreke Hold of a boat
Waya Reba Flap, fail to fill with wind (of a sail)
Waya Dreu Ripe
Waya Riba Bounce or fly to one side
Waya Cile Nit, egg of louse attached to a hair
Waya Lumi Edible seaweed
Waya Droo Reach, attain
Waya Rua Two
Waya Ruru Calm, abate
Waya Dromani Small organism adhering to rocks in the sea, probably anemone
Waya Masu Make a humble request or supplication; pray Uncertain Semantic Connection
Waya Ma/malu Shade
Waya Mana Supernatural force
Waya Mataku Afraid, fear
Waya Mate Die
Waya Medre Hard to understand (of speech)
Waya Mii Urinate
Waya Moce Sleep
Waya A/motu/ Islet
Waya Musu Patient subj. verb, (sub. what is cut, especially the part cut off from the parent body). Be cut or broken off crossways, cut up or broken off in the middle
Waya Mudu Verb and adj., patient subj. (Subj. usually the stem, not the piece cut off. Be cut off, amputated, severed, cut short ,
Waya (Y)amda To chew Phonologically Irregular
Waya Amu Mosquito
Waya Niu Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera)
Waya Vaka/novo/novo Crouch in token of respect
Waya Coo Call, invocation; call someone to come
Waya Oco A meal or feast given in return for a service; a gift of cooked food
Waya Cola Be alive, living, live; survive, be spared; escape death after capture; healthy, well
Waya Obe The shipworm Teredo (Cirripedia), a barnacle or sea-worm
Waya Oti-vi Be finished, done, completed, over, come to an end
Waya Baa A fence or wall enclosing an area
Waya Baa Trolling line with lure