Entries from Pawley & Sayaba 2003 in Pollex-Online

Pawley, A. and T. Sayaba (2003). Words of Waya: A dictionary of the Wayan dialect of the Western Fijian language. Canberra, Department of Linguistics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies.

Language Item Description
Waya Bai Barrier, fence, wall, hedge
Waya Bala/bala Generic for tree ferns (Cyathea spp.) and sometimes other large ferns...
Waya Balagi Generic for Acanthurus spp.; especially A. xanthopterus
Waya Bali/bali Wet taro patch (terrace with regular water supply) Problematic
Waya Bari Nibble, gnaw, bite small pieces off
Waya Balolo Sea annelid (Eunice sp.); balolo worm
Waya Baba Board, plank, or other flat, wide piece of wood
Waya Basu-ka Be broken; bust, break open etc.
Waya Bau A tree, prob. (Sapotaceae sp.)
Waya Bee Bait for fishing Problematic
Waya Bekwa Generic term for bats
Waya Benu Rubbish, refuse, debris (from Std Fijian); garb of a widow in mourning, traditionally consisting of old rags...
Waya Beebee Butterflies and moths
Waya Bewa (Ridge dividing the two sides of) the roof of a gabled house Borrowed
Waya Buto Navel, umbilical-cord
Waya Biu-t Throw, cast down
Waya Bogi Night
Waya Boko Die out, become extinct (of people); go out (of fire, lamp); disappear, die, fade
Waya Bola Basket, traditionally woven from coconut leaves
Waya I/bole Goal or objective
Waya Boro Several Solanum and Capsicum species
Waya Bono Be patched, stopped up, repaired
Waya Boto The one who comes last; the lowest fish on a string
Waya Buke Mound, hillock (naturally formed)
Waya Buku Knob, node, knot
Waya Bula-n Set ablaze; burn
Waya Bulibuli Cowry shells
Waya Bulewa A soft coral, sticks to reefs
Waya Bunu Be cut or plucked off, pruned Problematic
Waya Bute Swollen, rounded, full in shape; full, replete (of belly)
Waya Butee Pufferfish
Waya Saa Preverbal particle, marks perfective aspect
Waya Sei- Break, cut or tear off a portion
Waya Caga Span between thumb and extended middle finger
Waya Caka In several compounds referring to carrying out of a task or activity
Waya Saqaa A kind of earthenware pot or jar Problematic
Waya Caqe Kick
Waya Caakule Part the hair to look for lice
Waya Cala Be wrong, incorrect; make mistake or error; wrongly, mistakenly, in error
Waya Cadru Picked, pulled out or off, plucked (flowers, leaves, feathers, weeds)
Waya Caru Be all taken or removed, completely carried off
Waya Cabo Be thrown, hurled (spear, ball etc.)
Waya Sau Ruler, one who has authority over the people
Waya Caucau A land breeze
Waya Cawa Edible remains of something, esp. an animal or cooked meat after most of the flesh has been removed; leftovers, scraps Problematic
Waya Seru/ti Comb something (out)
Waya Civi Peeled, pared, shaved
Waya Ciba Move to one side, dodge or step aside to let another pass
Waya Cici Generic term for all snail-like shellfish (Gastropoda)
Waya Coro Be scraped clean