Entries from Pawley & Sayaba 2003 in Pollex-Online

Pawley, A. and T. Sayaba (2003). Words of Waya: A dictionary of the Wayan dialect of the Western Fijian language. Canberra, Department of Linguistics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies.

Language Item Description
Waya (Y)aasaa Roam, not stay at home, wander about, travel around
Waya (Y)ate Liver (traditionally considered the locus of courage and fear)
Waya Ate vuso Lungs
Waya (Y)ati Postverbal particle: indicates actual or figurative movement away from a starting point and towards a goal (either the addressee or a distant goal)
Waya (Y)atu Yellowfinned Tunny (Thunnus albacares); also generic for Thunnidae spp. (bonito, tunnies)
Waya (Y)atu Group of things standing in a row or line,,,
Waya Atule Fish sp.: Mackerel (Selar crumenopththalmus)
Waya (Y)au/ti- Transport a load of something, carry a number of things from one place to another
Waya (Y)au Flow, run freely, as a current of water or blood from a wound
Waya (Y)avi(y)avi Evening...from late afternoon (about 4 pm) until darkness
Waya (Y)a/vita Make a housewall by lashing reeds; reeds lashed in wall of house
Waya Ba/saga Bifurcate, forked, crotched; crotch or fork (in a branch, road etc.)
Waya Vaka/beka Have doubts (about the authenticity of something), be unbelieving, skeptical
Waya Bele Shrub taxon: Abelmoschus spp.
Waya Bii Many, numerous, much, a lot
Waya Bokola Body of an enemy to be eaten...
Waya Lialia Foolish, stupid; mad, insane
East Futuna Siki Façon de tresser les nattes (plus un numéral)...
Waya Cake Climb up or on, ascend, mount
Waya Boka Split by a blow (of hard objects)
East Futuna Taa/taa Jouer (de la guimbarde)
East Futuna Niu mata Coco jeune à chair tendre
East Futuna Nei Sert à l'expression de l'exclamatif (modalité postverbale avec les modalités kao ou koi)
East Futuna Poko Coin; repli, pliure interne
East Futuna Polo Se faire des taches de curcuma ou de charbon sur le visage; marque que l'on fait sur un bois pour indiquer ou doit se faire la coupe
Waya Butuki Help finish work begun by another
Waya Tuku-ci- Hang, dangle