Entries from Salmond 1975 in Pollex-Online

Salmond, A. (1975). A Luangiua (Ontong Java) Word List. Auckland, Department of Anthropology, University of Auckland.

Language Item Description
Luangiua Haa/laʔa/ Step over, overtake, beat
Luangiua Haa/laʔa Forbidden
Luangiua Laʔa Distant, once removed Uncertain Semantic Connection
Luangiua Laaʔau Tree
Luangiua Laʔei Lei
Luangiua Hai/laa/laaei, hai/la/laʔi Colour. Variegated colours.
Luangiua La/laʔeei Blue
Luangiua Laʔi West or south-west wind. West
Luangiua Laku Throw Phonologically Irregular
Luangiua Laku/laku Throw fishing line from beach Phonologically Irregular
Luangiua (Lau)laʔu Scratch
Luangiua Lala Shrub with fragrant flowers. Plant, fragrant leaves, fragrant flower, purple
Luangiua Laalaa Branch
Luangiua Laalaakea Afternoon
Luangiua Maa/lali Wet
Luangiua Ma/lali/ Slime
Luangiua Lalo Below
Luangiua Laaua Third person dual independent pronoun
Luangiua Lama Black dye used for tattooing (hekau berries)
Luangiua Lama Torch of dry coconut fronds. Brittle, of leaves. Night fishing with torch and spear
Luangiua La(ʔ)oi Good, well, excellent
Luangiua Lapa Coconut frond
Luangiua Lape Wrasse, Ribbon-fish
Luangiua Lapu Knead, mix to pulp
Luangiua Lahi. Lasi (Sar). Big, fat. Large, numerous Phonologically Irregular
Luangiua Lahu Trick, deceive Phonologically Irregular
Luangiua Lau Thatch
Luangiua Lau Leaf
Luangiua Hui kaa/lau 100
Luangiua Laŋuku/laoi Lie Problematic
Luangiua Laulu Hair
Luangiua Laakou Third person plural independent pronoun
Luangiua Lava Enough, sufficient
Luangiua (U)lave Find
Luangiua Laavea Sick (adult)
Luangiua Laveŋa Big fish, 10', big eyes
Luangiua Lehu Ashes; dust, spray
Luangiua Leva Empty (hunger) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Luangiua ʔU/lehu/lehu Cloud
Luangiua Leʔa Belch
Luangiua Leʔiʔa A black seabird (Anous tenuirostris) Phonologically Irregular
Luangiua Lo/lo/si Look after
Luangiua Llee, lele Fly; long jump
Luangiua Lomi Drown Phonologically Irregular
Luangiua Le(ʔ)o Voice
Luangiua Lepo Surround
Luangiua Le/leu/ Wrap round, put on
Luangiua Lii Tie string round coconut pod for making toddy; sweet coconut
Luangiua Li/lii Coil
Luangiua Lii/lii Wrap up securely