Entries from Stimson 1964 in Pollex-Online

Stimson, J. F. (1964). A Dictionary of Some Tuamotuan Dialects of the Polynesian Language. The Hague, Martinus Nijhoff.

Language Item Description
Tuamotu Puukao To rise up, emerge out of; to come into view, as a ship above the horizon or smoke above trees
Tuamotu Raakau A medicine, remedy; to administer medicine, to dress wounds
Tuamotu Raakau A stick, twig; any piece of wood; wood in general, a log; (coll.) a spear, weapon; the phallus
Tuamotu Toro To extend, extrude (outwards, endwise); to stretch out, to protrude; to thrust, propel...
Tuamotu E(e) Connective particle
Tuamotu Ee All the way to, as far as (VHI) Phonologically Irregular
Tuamotu Raumanu A flock, countless number, of circling, hovering birds
Tuamotu Raumanu/hia Accompanied by aflock of hovering birds; said when birds follow and feed upon a school of fish
Tuamotu Raukava Some part of the sacred regalia of a chief or high priest
Tuamotu Tiipuu To split in the middle with a sharp blow
Tuamotu Tuukau A social overlord, predominant chief...; a steward, mate; the housekeeper of an *ariki*
Tuamotu Hakamahara To consider/ponder the words of another...to call to memory...
Tuamotu Fakaturi To fornicate, commit adultery (ANA)
Tuamotu Huri/popoo A hurricane, cyclone
Tuamotu Maaoro (VTU, ANA) To fondle, caress with the hand
Tuamotu ŋutu/aa/fare A family, home, home circle (ANA, VHI)
Tuamotu Vai To be, exist; to be permanent, in position; to remain, continue
Tuamotu Vai/haŋa A location, resting place; a place where anything is
Tuamotu Vai/raŋa A depository, repository; a place where anything is put or deposited
Tuamotu Tuku To descend
Tuamotu Tuku To loose, let go; give, deliver up; allow
Tuamotu Vini To smart, sting, as from the blow of a switch; to shudder, wriggle, be convulsed
Tuamotu Vareeŋa Forgetfulness; unconscious
Tuamotu Vareeŋa i te piko To fall asleep
Tuamotu Vae The rib of a boat (VTU, ANA)
Tuamotu Taavai To wet, moisten
Tuamotu Taaparu To beg, ask for (as food, a favor), to solicit
Tuamotu Rorooa Fish sp. (Acanthocybium solandri)
Tuamotu Roro Fish sp. (has deep blue back, white belly, and roundish body)
Tuamotu Roeroe A variety of large, long, roundish fish Phonologically Irregular
Tuamotu Taamore/more To make smooth, to level, equalize
Tuamotu A/pae A side; the whole region on one side; the outside, space around
Tuamotu Riire To be perfect, unblemished, splendid...bright, shining...
Tuamotu Tau/toru, tai/toru Orion's belt (a star cluster)
Tuamotu Fata To lay out in rows, as of fish (ANA)
Tuamotu Huki To suffer the prenatal pains of child-birth; to have a cramp; to feel a pricking sensation...
Tuamotu Uki To strike, rub on a rough surface (as a match)
Tuamotu Hiki Set out, move, go from one place to another, migrate
Tuamotu Nanu To mumble, murmur indistinctly; indistinct, inarticulate (of voice)
Tuamotu Hakapiri To cling, keep close to
Tuamotu Tuupere To eat to repletion, until surfeited Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tuamotu Tuupere To pry, prick, break out the meat of a coconut
Tuamotu Kia Until, when
Tuamotu Kakau A shaft, handle, helve
Tuamotu Reka Perfectly, beautifully, admirably; completely (in the intensive sense)
Tuamotu Makeke To be incensed with a person for an act of aggression against one's own children
Tuamotu Mateeŋa Death, decease; the act of dying
Tuamotu Teka Strut, crossing-piece used on the *hopai* [scoop-net]
Tuamotu Reeiŋa Jumping-off place
Tuamotu Maina(ina) Angry, indignant, resentful