Entries from Stimson 1964 in Pollex-Online

Stimson, J. F. (1964). A Dictionary of Some Tuamotuan Dialects of the Polynesian Language. The Hague, Martinus Nijhoff.

Language Item Description
Tuamotu Tipi/tipi The hip; the side, just over the hip bone (NAP,FAG); the leg (ROI)
Tuamotu Puukao To rise up, emerge out of; to come into view, as a ship above the horizon or smoke above trees
Tuamotu Raakau A medicine, remedy; to administer medicine, to dress wounds
Tuamotu Raakau A stick, twig; any piece of wood; wood in general, a log; (coll.) a spear, weapon; the phallus
Tuamotu Toro To extend, extrude (outwards, endwise); to stretch out, to protrude; to thrust, propel...
Tuamotu E(e) Connective particle
Tuamotu Ee All the way to, as far as (VHI) Phonologically Irregular
Tuamotu Raumanu A flock, countless number, of circling, hovering birds
Tuamotu Raumanu/hia Accompanied by aflock of hovering birds; said when birds follow and feed upon a school of fish
Tuamotu Raukava Some part of the sacred regalia of a chief or high priest
Tuamotu Tiipuu To split in the middle with a sharp blow
Tuamotu Tuukau A social overlord, predominant chief...; a steward, mate; the housekeeper of an *ariki*
Tuamotu Hakamahara To consider/ponder the words of another...to call to memory...
Tuamotu Fakaturi To fornicate, commit adultery (ANA)
Tuamotu Huri/popoo A hurricane, cyclone
Tuamotu Maaoro (VTU, ANA) To fondle, caress with the hand
Tuamotu ŋutu/aa/fare A family, home, home circle (ANA, VHI)
Tuamotu Vai To be, exist; to be permanent, in position; to remain, continue
Tuamotu Vai/haŋa A location, resting place; a place where anything is
Tuamotu Vai/raŋa A depository, repository; a place where anything is put or deposited
Tuamotu Tuku To descend
Tuamotu Tuku To loose, let go; give, deliver up; allow
Tuamotu Vini To smart, sting, as from the blow of a switch; to shudder, wriggle, be convulsed
Tuamotu Vareeŋa Forgetfulness; unconscious
Tuamotu Vareeŋa i te piko To fall asleep
Tuamotu Vae The rib of a boat (VTU, ANA)
Tuamotu Taavai To wet, moisten
Tuamotu Taaparu To beg, ask for (as food, a favor), to solicit
Tuamotu Rorooa Fish sp. (Acanthocybium solandri)
Tuamotu Roro Fish sp. (has deep blue back, white belly, and roundish body)
Tuamotu Roeroe A variety of large, long, roundish fish Phonologically Irregular
Tuamotu Taamore/more To make smooth, to level, equalize
Tuamotu A/pae A side; the whole region on one side; the outside, space around
Tuamotu Riire To be perfect, unblemished, splendid...bright, shining...
Tuamotu Tau/toru, tai/toru Orion's belt (a star cluster)
Tuamotu Fata To lay out in rows, as of fish (ANA)
Tuamotu Huki To suffer the prenatal pains of child-birth; to have a cramp; to feel a pricking sensation...
Tuamotu Uki To strike, rub on a rough surface (as a match)
Tuamotu Hiki Set out, move, go from one place to another, migrate
Tuamotu Nanu To mumble, murmur indistinctly; indistinct, inarticulate (of voice)
Tuamotu Hakapiri To cling, keep close to