#15: Motion from Place to Place.

Reconstruction Description
ANO.2 Go
AO.5 Go (by sea): *(h)ao
FAI.7 Follow: *(fa)fai
FAKA-HURU Cause to enter
FAKA-OLO Move along smoothly, to do gradually or one by one
FANO-GA Journey; travelling party
FANO.1 To go (of one person)
FOA.B Make a path
FULA.3 Go, run (plural)
FULO Go, run (plural)
HIFO.A Go down, descend
LAKA-LAKA Walk with long strides, hurry
LAKA.1 Go, step, step over
LUTU Tremble, shake; make noise in water by shaking
MA-NEKE Be moved, be raised
MAA.4 Go
MAI.C Come!
NAU.3 Come, go
OFO.C Rise up
OO.3 To go (plural subject)
ORI Wander, walk about
POGI.3 Rapid
QALU.B Go quickly, hurry
QALU.C Go, come
QASA Make one's way (e.g. wading through water or vegetation)
ROO.1 Go, come (pl. subj.) *roo-, *roro, *oro
SALE Go, walk (Hwd)
SAQELE Go on foot, walk
SAQU.1 Come, singular subj
SEKE.2 Migrate; go home; flee
SOLO.4 Move in numbers, throng, procession. (adv.) here and there, all about
TA-FOKI Turn back, turn round
TO-TOLO Crawl on hands and knees
TUKU.A Lower (v), let down; lower a sail; let down a fishing line or net; subside (of wind or sea)
UTARI Follow

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