#59: Music and Dance.

Reconstruction Description
FAATELE Song-dance type
FAGU-FAGU Nose-flute *(fagu)fagu
FAKA-TAGI Play (musical instrument)
FAKA-TUU Aggressive display
FATI.D Tune, melody
FATU.1B Compose, construct, invent
FUA.7 Commence a chant or song
FUATAGA.1 Ritual song (Rby)
FULA.2 Dance: *(f, s)ula
KAILAO Club-like weapon; dance using this weapon
KAPA.2 Dance
KAU-TAA Small wooden implement, probably drum-stick
KOLI.1B To dance; rejoice, be happy: *ko(l,n)i
LAGI.1 Sing
LALI.1 Gong
LOLOGO Sing, song
LUE.2 Type of song or dance
MAKO.2 Dance
MEQE Dance
NAFA A wooden drum
OLI.3 A type of chant or formal speech: *(oli)oli
PAATEE.1 Slit-gong; make resonant percussive sound (as e.g. a bell)
PAKI-UMA Chest-slapping dance
PASU.1B Drum n
PESE.1 Sing, song
PULOTU.2 Composer of songs
PUU.1 Trumpet shell; trumpet: Pu(q)u
QANU.2 Dance
QULU.4 Name of a traditional chant or dance
SAKA.1 Dance
SAWA.2 Arm movements in dance
SEA.2 A kind of dance: *se(q)a
SIWA.1 Dance and sing
SOLO.6 A song type
SUA.1 Commence a chant or song
TAA.1D Beat a rhythm; play (a musical instrument)
TAFUA Rolled up mat used as a drum
TAQAGA Composition; words or gesturesto music
TAU.8 Song
TOOKERE Percussion instrument of wood
UMELE Kind of song or chant
UPAUPA A dance
UUTEE Type of chant or song
WIWO Flute

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