#93: People: Social Roles.

Reconstruction Description
FALE-TOLU Traditional name for some subgroup of the population
FANAU-GA A consanguineous kin group
FATU-QARIKI High chief
FATU.4 Chief
FENUA.*B People of a place
FILI.4 Enemy: *fi(l,r)i
GAOI Thief, bad person
HUGA Subordinate person
HURU-MANU A social category
KAAIGA.B Kin, family, relative
KAI.5 People of a place; to people a place, occupy, inhabit
KAINAGA Some social group, perhaps commoners as opposed to aristocracy
KAKAI.1 People of one place or kind
KANO-WAKA Crew of canoe
KANO.1B Social group
KARERE Messenger
KAU-MEQA Associate, friend
KAU-MOANA Sailor, mariner
KAU-WAKA Crew of a canoe: *kau-waka
KAU.2B Group of people, company
KAUNA-GA Servant, slave
KIO.2 Slave, refugee, defeated person
KOO-TARE.2 Orphan, bereaved person, pauper
LAGI.5 To rule, govern, exercise authority; other senses associated with chiefly rank
LUA-NI Associate, companion
MAA-KONA.2 Champion
MANENE Wanderer or exile
MANU-FIRI Visitor, guest, stranger
MAQU-LALO Low, humble
MATA-A-PULE Man of rank
MATA-KAINAGA Some social group, perhaps commoners inhabiting the same land division
MATA.3 Social grouping of people
MOORII Person of low rank
MOREFU.2 Defeated survivor
NGAA-TEITEI High-ranking, respected
NUKU.2 Group of people, an organisation
PAA.6 Form of address to respected male
PAKOLA Slain victim; defeated in battle (Clk)
PIPI.3 Disciple, student, learner
PORI People
PUPU.B Group (of people), party, team
RAGATIRA Chief of secondary status
RAGI Exercise leadership, give directions (particularly in food distribution)
ROOPAA Subordinate person or group
SEA-GA Victim, corpse
SOA Friend, partner, companion
TAA.3 Vocative particle of endearment or respect to males
TAAULA-QATUA Priest, medium, shaman (Clk) (Rby): *taaula(-qatua)

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