#86: The Sea.

Reconstruction Description
AAIO Calm (of sea)
AWA Channel, passage through reef
AWA-AWA Small opening in reef (Rby)
FAKA-FUA Wave, swell
FAQI-AVA Channel, passage through reef (Clk)
FUATA-GALU Waves which break on the reef
FUFU.3 Rough, troubled water
GALU.1 Wave (of sea)
HAALIQA Shallows, passage between shoals
HAKAU Coral reef
HUQA To be rising or high (of the tide)
KALE.1 A wave that ripples or breaks, rather than a swell; ripple; surface of water
KIRI-A-TAI Surface of the sea
KOO-PAPE Current
LANU.A Be immersed, full; rise (of tide)
LAU-HAKAU Area covered with reefs
LEPU Agitated, rough (of water)
LIGO Calm, quiet
LILI.2 Agitated (of liquid); rough (of sea), stormy; boil (of water)
LOKA Rough, of sea (Rby)
LOTO.B Lagoon, pool
MALINO Calm (of water)
MALUU.A Soft (of a substance), weak, tender
MANINO.* Calm (of water)
MASA.1 Dry, empty (of liquid), low (of tide)
MATE.1E Very calm (of sea or weather); low tide
MITI.4 Salt water; sauce (including salt water and coconut cream)
MOA.2 Rip (of sea)
MOANA Sea beyond the reef, ocean
NAMO Enclosed area of water, lagoon, pool
PARI.2 Flood tide
PEAU Ocean swell whether breaking or not, billow
PUPUQA Deep hole on reef; blowhole
QAU.1 Current
QULU-QULU Outer edge of reef where waves break
RURU Shelter, calm
SAA-ROTO Pond, pool
SOKO.5 High or rising (tide): *(so)soko, *(ho)hoko
SOU To be agitated (of the sea)
SUQA.B Rise (of tide)
TAAFUNA.1 A shoal or submarine reef
TAFOLA.2 Shallow water over reef, reef flat
TAHI.1 Shallow sea near shore or in lagoon, salt water, tide
TAI-PII High tide
TAKELE.B Bottom of the sea
TAU.ŋ Reef or shoal
TOFU.2 Calm, of sea
TOKA.1 Rock, as a submerged rock or reef; to run aground

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