#33: Water Actions.

Reconstruction Description
FAAGOGO.B Pour liquid from a coconut shell; feed child or invalid
FAKA-LANU Rinse with fresh water
FUQI Wash feet or hands, pour water over, soak
LOOMAKI.* Duck or dip under water: *lo(o)maki
LUTU Tremble, shake; make noise in water by shaking
MASA-IA High and dry, stranded by receding water
NIGI.* Pour out
PA-PII Splash
PII.2A Sprinkle water; spurt, squirt
QASU Bail, ladle out, scoop out: *(q)asu
QUTU.1 Fill with water
RANU.A Bathe or wash in fresh water, add water
RUE Wash, rinse
RUMAKI.* Inter or immerse something (Clk)
SEPU Dive, go down into water, disembark from canoe
SOSONI Water container
SUQI Dilute, mix with liquid (Clk)
TAA-WAI Add water, use water
TAA.1E Wash clothes (by beating)
TAE.2A To scoop up, gather, collect (Rby)
TAE.2B Hand net; catch in a hand net
TAPI.1A Wash with water; clean by rinsing or splashing with water
TAPI.1B Wash genital area (of women)
TAPI.1C Bail out, empty out
TATAA Canoe bailer; to bail out water from a canoe

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