#34: Food Gathering etc..

Reconstruction Description
FAAGOTA To obtain seafood by fishing or hunting on the reef
FAKA-TUPU.A Cause to grow, raise, rear
FANA.1 Shoot with a bow
FOO.3 Drive fish
HEQE Drive into net: *(h,s)eqe
HOKA.2 Husk coconuts on a pointed stake
LAAMA-GA.* Fish at night with torches
POLO-POLO First-fruits ceremony
PUTO Catch in net
PUULOU.B Catch fish or birds by scooping in a net (Rby)
QETI To husk with teeth
QUNAFI To scale fish; fish scale
RAMA Fish at night with torches; torch
RAWA-IKA To fish, catch fish; fisherman
SII.1 Fish with a line
TAA-FITI.B Catch by netting or trapping
TAGA.1B Drive into an enclosure; surround
TAU.11 Pick (fruit, flowers, leaves)
TILI.1A Cast, throw, fish with a casting net
TUAKI Disembowel fish or fowl

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