#88.2: Food Plants and their parts - Coconut.

Reconstruction Description
AO.2 A dry or fleshless coconut
EREHI.* Coconut
FAAGOGO.A Half coconut shell
FAKAA Coconut husk
KAILE.2 Coconut growth stage: *ka(i,e)le
KAKA.1A Clothlike fibre surrounding base of coconut fronds
KALAWA.1 Strand of fibre from outer skin of coconut frond midrib
KALEVE Sap from inflorescence of coconut palm (Clk)
KOO-MOTO Not quite ripe (of coconut)
KOO-UA Coconut growth stage
LII.3 Type of coconut with edible husk
LOHOLOHO Spadix of coconut palm; the many-branched stem on which the nuts form; spathe or sheath that encloses the spadix. *lo(h,s)olo(h,s)o
MATA-QALI Prematurely fallen coconut
MATA-TILI Coconut growth stage
MATA.2B A growth stage of coconuts
MATUQU.B Coconut growth stage
MOQI-KAKA Strand or shred of coconut husk fibre
MOTO.2B Coconut growth stage: *moto(moto)
MUKA.1B Immature coconut: *muk(a,o)(muk(a,o))
NII-KAU Coconut frond
NIU.1 Coconut palm (Cocos nucifera)
NUI.2* Coconut: *nu(i,u)
PAKALAFA.* Coconut leaf midrib
PALALAFA Butt end of coconut frond midrib
POO-NIU.1 Early stage in formation of coconut
PUU-NIU Coconut palm
PUUPUU.3 Empty coconut shell; hollow object; container
QUI Blue, green; type of coconut
QUTO Sprouting coconut, containing sweet, spongy kernel
SAKALI Flesh of mature coconut
SISI.5 Eyes of coconut
TAAFAA Coconut at young stage when fit for drinking
TAKALE Coconut stage
TAKE.2 Pointed end of coconut, the end broken off for drinking
TAQO-KAWE. Coconut variety
TAUME Spathe of coconut palm
TOLA.2 Central leaf shoot of coconut palm: *tola(u)

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