Protoform: MUKA.1B [NP] Immature coconut: *muk(a,o)(muk(a,o))

Description: Immature coconut: *muk(a,o)(muk(a,o))
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to NP: Nuclear Polynesian

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
Kapingamarangi Muga/muga Soft part near stem of young coconut (Lbr)
Luangiua Mu/muʔa Very young coconut (no flesh inside) (Smd)
Nuguria Muka/muka Immature coconut (soft shell, has milk but is not tasty) (Dvl)
Nukuoro Muga/muga First stage of development of the coconut, before daahaa (Crl)
Penrhyn (Niimata) muko/muko Maturation stage of coconut fruit (still has edible husk, no flesh inside) (Sta)
Penrhyn Muko-muko, muco muco, makumako Earliest stage of coconut (Lmt)
Pukapuka Muko/muko Nearly mature coconut; tender shoot of coconut palm (Sby)
Pukapuka Muko/muko Coconut in sixth stage of growth; the edible flesh inside the mesocarp of the nut at the point of attachment of stalk to nut (Sby)
Rennellese Mukomuko Coconut when shell soft and flesh beginning to form (Ebt)
Samoan Muʔa A young cocoa-nut with the kernel half formed (Prt)
Sikaiana Muka/muka Green coconut with juice inside but no kernel (Dnr)
Takuu Muka Young coconut that has a soft shell and no meat inside (Hwd)
Takuu (Hui) muka/muka Third stage of coconut growth (small inedible fruit) (Mle)
Tokelau Hua muka/muka Drinking coconut with soft meat inside (Sma)
Tuamotu Muko/niu The soft, newly formed flesh of the young coconut (Stn)
Tuvalu Muko/muko Drinking (green) coconut in early stages of development (Jsn)

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