#17: Being and Moving in Water.

Reconstruction Description
EQA.A Come to the surface, appear above the surface; come up for air
GOTO To be deep, sink
HUKU Dive, submerge
KA-KAU.1 Swim, as humans do
KAU.1 Swim
KELO.1A Sink down, sunken, deep
LAGA.1B Be afloat, buoyant
LEPA.1 To lie to (of a boat), flap (of sail)
LOTU.2 Beat on the surface of the sea, splash
MA-LEMO Drowned
MA-QANU Be afloat, float
NEKE.1B Rise up on swell of water
OPE.2 Be afloat
PA-ANU Drift, float freely
PA-LEMO To drown
PAO.3 Wash up on shore
PAQE Be cast ashore, drift
RUKU Dive; submerge, immerse
SOPU.2 Dive
SURU.A Bend forward, fall headlong, dive
TAFE-A To be carried away by a current, drift
TERE.A Move swiftly and smoothly, in or on water: swim (as fish), sail (as canoe)
TIPI.3 Skim along surface of water
TU-QUTA Reach shore, land

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