Protoform: KAU-NA [PN] Order, command, send on an errand

Description: Order, command, send on an errand
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to PN: Polynesian

*1 Cf. PN *uga 'send, order'

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
East Futuna Kauga Travail, occupation (Mfr)
Ifira-Mele Kauna Order, assign someone to do some work v.t (Clk)
Ifira-Mele Fi/k/kau Give orders v.i (Clk)
Luangiua ʔAu Give, send (Smd)
Nukumanu Kauna (pass. kauna ria) Send, order to go (Trt)
Nukumanu Kauna/a Send someone on a mission (Tpi)
Nukuoro Gauna Invite (Crl)
Takuu Kauna/ki (To send) summons, message for people to come (Mle)
Tikopia Kau Command (tell); request; invite (Fth)
Tongan Kouna To order, give orders to, command, compel (Cwd)
Tuamotu Kaauna To desire yearn, feel an intense longing for Problematic (Stn)
West Futuna (H)kau (trans. kauna) To send (Dty)
West Uvea Kauna Envoyer, charge d'une commission (Hmn)

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