Protoform: KUSA [NP] Respiratory irregularity

Description: Respiratory irregularity
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to NP: Nuclear Polynesian

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
Hawaiian Uhaa/uhaa Pant, puff, as a dog, or as the wind Problematic (Pki)
Mangareva Kuʔa Grande crainte; être épouvanté Uncertain Semantic Connection (Rch)
New Zealand Maori Kuha Gasp v (Wms)
Tahitian Ufa To belch Phonologically Irregular (Dvs)
Tikopia Kusa Mucus from mouth or nose of a person about to die (Fth)
Tuamotu Kuha/kuha Froth of the lungs (Stn)

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