Takuu entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.MATA.5 Mata/tootoka Doorway (Mle)
PN.FUAFUA.2B Huahua/a rima Muscle of the upper arm or forearm (Mle)
PN.FUAFUA.2B Huahua/a Muscle of the calf or thigh (Mle)
PN.PAQE P/pae (of canoe) Come alongside, dock, come up against a wharf or pier (Mle)
EO.QALU.B Aru/aru Hurry, rush (Mle)
CP.TUKU.A Tuku raa Lower a canoe sail (Mle)
CP.TUKU.A Tuku/na Location where shark fishing occurs... (Mle)
CP.TUKU.A T/tuku (Of wind) let up, subside, abate (Mle)
PN.TAPA.1B Tapa Lower hem of a laplap while worn; small piece of cloth (Mle)
PN.TAU-.14 Tau/haa Constellation: Four stars in Pegasus, outlining a square... (Mle)
PN.TAU-.14 Tau/rima Constellation of five stars within Corvus... (Mle)
PN.FAI-QAHAWANA Haiaavana Related as spouses (Mle)
SO.KI-NEI Kinei Here, this place by me (Mle)
PN.E.1B E, ee Particle placed before numerals and certain other words referring to things that can be counted (Mle)
NO.PALALAMA Pama Storage platform above the outrigger on the ancient sailing canoe (Obs). Problematic (Mle)
XW.LAFU.3 Lahu/tia Sick from eating bad food; rash appearing on skin after eating food to which one is allergic (Mle)
PN.RAGI Lani/tia Receive something when things are divided or distributed; not be left out, be included in a group (Mle)
OC.TOHO.A Tosi (pass. toosina) Move something over (a little) (Mle)
PN.TULEKI-NA Tuureki, tuuruki (pass. turekina) Push (Mle)

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