Takuu entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
EO.MAUII Mauvi Left (as opposed to right) (Hwd)
OC.FAQU.1 Me/fau Native loom; fabric woven on loom (Hwd)
NP.MILO.2B Milo/milo Sea grass species found near shore (eaten by turtles) (Mle)
MP.FITI.1A Moe/fiti Toss and turn in sleep (Hwd)
NO.MOSI M/mosi Break or sever by pulling apart (Mle)
PN.GAQA Naa Fish sp., approx. 250 mm. long, blue and white, found in schools... (Mle)
NP.GAA-LAFU Nafu Ashes (Hwd)
NO.NAKOFU Nakohu Giant clam (Tridacna gigas) (Mle)
NO.NAKOFU Nakofu Shellfish sp.: giant clam (Hwd)
PN.NEWA.A Neva/neva (of stomach) Unsettled from hunger; (of body) exhausted; (of birds) hover (Mle)
CP.NOQA Noa Kind of decoration for a corpse (Hwd)
OC.NOFO Naa n/noho Wives in a plural marriage (in fables) (Mle)
PN.PAPA.1B Ppaa Part of loom: cloth-beam; scraping-board (Hwd)
NO.PAO.3 P/pao Wash up on shore (Mle)
CE.PAA-SERE.2 Paela Curved metal blade of a hoe or mattock Problematic (Mle)
NO.PANA.2 Pana Be accustomed to, adjusted to, used to (Mle)
SO.PENA.3 Panaa/ua Side of the shoulder next to the neck (Mle)
PN.PAGOGO Pannoo Fishing technique: standing in waist-deep water and casting a line among the rocks for small fish; Golden Spinefoot (Siganus guttatus) or rabbitfish, typically caught by this method (Mle)
PN.PALA.1A Para/para Soft, weak, limp, easily torn (Mle)
PN.PALE.2 Pare Wear a leaf or frond tucked into one's laplap as a ritual ornament Uncertain Semantic Connection (Mle)
PN.PALE-TUQA Paretua Fishing contest with married couples competing against other married couples Uncertain Semantic Connection (Mle)
SO.PATI.3 Pati kauae Jaw of an animal; dimple (Mle)
PN.PEE-HENA Pe(e)naa Like that (close to you), in that way (Mle)
PN.PEE-HENI Peenei Like this, in this way (Mle)
OC.PENU.A Penu/penu Last and largest payment of bridewealth... Uncertain Semantic Connection (Mle)
SO.LAULAUFAU Ppee laurauhau Moorish Idol (Zanclus canescens); type of large butterfly (Mle)
PN.KASIKASI Peru/kasi Rock barnacle; scabies (Mle)
NO.PILI.1C Piri Put or placed on a high object located on top of something else (Mle)
PN.PITO.2 Pitoo/mee Little thing (Mle)
PN.PITO.2 Pito/uka Sennit rope when rolled (Mle)
NO.MANU.2 Manu/kava Foul-smelling; smell of stale urine or sweat (Mle)
PN.POO-GIA Poonia Continue past dark, be overcome unexpectedly by darkness (Mle)
PN.POLA-POLA Porapora Kind of basket made of coconut leaves... (Mle)
PN.PORO-QAKI Poro Advise, give advice [from Nukuria] Borrowed (Mle)
PN.AMU Pu/amu (of adolescent) Ill-behaved, (of child) hyperactive Uncertain Semantic Connection (Mle)
EC.PUU.5 Pu/k(a)(u)oho Juvenile growth stage of squid (Mle)
PN.PULE.2 Pure/pure Farewell, say goodbye (Mle)
NO.PUU-LOA Puuroa Shellfish sp. (Tritonis sp.)... (Mle)
CE.PURUGA Puruna Woman who is not young but is unmarried: widow, spinster Problematic (Mle)
XO.GALO.3 Lano, rano Molar tooth Phonologically Irregular (Mle)
SO.LAA-LAA Laaraa Fixed dorsal fin of sharks, whales, porpoises and all large fish (Mle)
FJ.RAU.3 Naa rau Thatch panels on a roof (Mle)
FJ.RAU.3 Kkahu rau Old, frayed thatch on a roof (Mle)
FJ.RAU.3 Rau Thatch (Hwd)
NP.LELE.B Lle/a Possessed by a spirit... (Mle)
XO.LII.3 Rii Coconut tree species bearing nuts with an edible husk; the nuts from this tree (Mle)
MP.SAQI Sai/sai Hug; (in wrestling) hold a opponent tight around the waist, then throw him to the ground (Mle)
NP.PIKI-PIKI Saka/p/piki, saka/piki/piki (of hair) Curly, frizzy (Mle)
PN.SAKO Sako Sprout of a young tree near the roots of its parent (Mle)
NP.SANI.1 Sani (Wind) blow gently Problematic (Mle)

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