Reconstruction Level: CP - Central Pacific

Reconstruction Description
PAU.1A Definite, determined, decided, certain; definitely, certainly, exactly (post-verbal)
PEKA-PEKA.1 Swiftlet, small bat
POQOI Pounded starchy food together with a sauce or gravy
POSO Swell, swelling, bulge
POTO.2 Wise, clever
PUULOU.A To cover with a cloth; a cover (especially) for the head
PUUPUU.1 Rinse the mouth, gargle
SANA.1 Diarrhoea
SASAA A fish (Spratelloides sp.)
SAU.4 Ear pendant
SAWINI Whistle; make a sibilant sound *(sa)wini
SEQE.1 Insect spp. including Mantis, Stick Insect, Locust
SEA.1 A tree (Parinari insularum)
SEA.2 A kind of dance: *se(q)a
SEI.1A Flower worn as decoration
SELE.1A Snare; tie up
SEMA.1 Left (not right)
SEU Raking or scooping motion, hence clearing, sweeping away, netting
SIGA.A Fall over, topple over
SILA.1A Glance, look sideways
SINA.2 Legendary heroine or goddess
SISI.3 Scoop out, gouge out (as meat from coconut)
SI-SII Hiss, spurt with a hiss
SOA Friend, partner, companion
SOKO.4 Thick, of a liquid
SOPE.1 Tuft of hair, comb of cock
TAQE-KI Not yet
TAQAKI Pull up or out, hoist, extract
TALO.2 Invoke supernatural assistance, pray; spell, incantation, prayer
TAA-NOQA Bowl for kava
TAPA-TAPA.1 Slipper lobster (Parribacus sp.) (Scyllaridae)
TAAPEA. A sea-snake or sea eel
TAA-PUI To reserve, to prohibit access to (Rby)
TAU.6 End section of canoe
TAUME Spathe of coconut palm
TEA White
TEKE.4 Reject, refuse
TEQETEQE Pufferfishes (Hpr)
TIA.1B To sew, make a net
TIKO.A Defecate
TOFE.1 A bivalve mollusc
TOI.1 Tree sp. (Alphitonia zizyphoides)
TOLI.1 Pick, gather (tree fruits)
TONO.2 A plant (Geophila repens)
TONU.2 Coral Trout (Plectropomus sp.)
TUAHI Coconut grater
TUAKI Disembowel fish or fowl
TUKU-TUKU A spider
TUTU.4 Set fire to
QULU-QULU Outer edge of reef where waves break

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