Reconstruction Level: XW - West Polynesia (TON,NIU,EUV,EFU,SAM,TOK,TUV,NFO)

Reconstruction Description
TAQE-PUPULU Sea cucumber (beche de mer) species
TE-TEKI Feel revulsion or fear
MAULU (To go or come) secretly, unobserved, unnoticed
WAQI-GA Joke, play
WANU Deep place, precipice
FESI-QA To hate
KANOPOGI Bereavement
FAKA-QUGA-QUGA Make small notches in carving
QUGA-QUGA Decay (of teeth, yams, coconuts): *quga(-quga)
FAKA-UMI-UMI Reluctant
MAALIE.C Exclamation of approval, esp. for song or dance: Bravo! Well done!
TUQU-TAAMAKI (To have) an accident, misfortune, trouble
FEQATA.B Beche de mer sp.
LEVA Long time, long ago
LAFU.3 In poor condition (surface of soil or body)
FASU Sister's son
MATE-GUUGUU Exhausted, numb
VILI.2 Draw lots, decide by lot
KELO.3 Reddish-brown
TUQURI Formal visit to bereaved family
FAI-TALIHA Act freely, do as one pleases: *fa(')i-tali(h,s)a
SIQAGA Mentally deficient
MATINI A type of offering
MATI.2 Of vegetable matter: half-dry, wilted; stale, not fresh
SAI Good
SEPO.B A fruit soup or stew
TUQA-NIA Be worried, anxious, apprehensive
KALE.2 To rush, be hasty

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