Entries from Donner 1983-87 in Pollex-Online

Donner, W. (1987) Sikaiana Vocabulary: Na male ma na talatala o Sikaiana. Honiara, Solomon Island

Language Item Description
Sikaiana M/mea Red, the color
Sikaiana Mea Thing
Sikaiana Mimi Urinate
Sikaiana Mio/mio Whirlpool
Sikaiana Mmiti Suck
Sikaiana Mo For
Sikaiana Moa Fowl
Sikaiana Moana Ocean
Sikaiana Monamona Cockroach (all varieties)
Sikaiana Moe Sleep
Sikaiana Moena Bedding material; group of flying fish
Sikaiana Moko Lizard
Sikaiana Mokopuna Grandchild
Sikaiana M/mole Smooth
Sikaiana Moomona Fat; savoury, sweet-tasting
Sikaiana M(o)/moti To sneak up upon someone; to secretly listen in on a conversation
Sikaiana Motu Be severed
Sikaiana Motu Islet
Sikaiana Muu Fish sp
Sikaiana Mua Front, before
Sikaiana Muko Shoot growing from sprouted coconut {kamatuu}
Sikaiana Muka/muka Green coconut with juice inside but no kernel
Sikaiana Muli Behind, back
Sikaiana Mulivae The heel of the foot
Sikaiana M/mulu/ Wipe (us. a wet substance, e.g. tears)
Sikaiana Haka/mumuni/ Hide oneself
Sikaiana Muna Swear
Sikaiana Mu/musu Of voices that are heard, but the words are indistinct; to gossip; to whisper
Sikaiana Namu Mosquito
Sikaiana Nanue Fish sp., tarwhine
Sikaiana Nape Action of sexual intercourse Uncertain Semantic Connection
Sikaiana Natu A fruit that is eaten on Sikaiana
Sikaiana Nehu Not clear
Sikaiana Nei This, here, near speaker
Sikaiana N/neke To move from one place to another, of people; to move some item from one place to another
Sikaiana Neve String used for tying basket around the back; to tie basket around the back
Sikaiana Niho Tooth
Sikaiana N/nini Pour, capsize
Sikaiana Nimo To delay (of people) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Sikaiana N/niti/ Crowded, tight, closely packed
Sikaiana Niu Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera)
Sikaiana Noa Non-restriction
Sikaiana Noho Sit, be seated; inhabit, stay at, dwell, remain; be alive
Sikaiana Nohu Stonefish
Sikaiana Kona Tense-aspect, past progressive, to have been doing Problematic
Sikaiana O General subordinating verbal particle
Sikaiana O/mmai Come (plural subject)
Sikaiana Oha Destroy, pull apart, shred
Sikaiana Oohana Nest
Sikaiana Oho To wake up (vi)