Entries from Donner 1983-87 in Pollex-Online

Donner, W. (1987) Sikaiana Vocabulary: Na male ma na talatala o Sikaiana. Honiara, Solomon Island

Language Item Description
Sikaiana Malau Fish sp
Sikaiana Malena A double headed parrot fish
Sikaiana Malemo To be drowned
Sikaiana Malie Pleasing to the taste
Sikaiana Malini Pour by accident
Sikaiana Maliko Shine with soft light
Sikaiana Malli Withered; fall, as diseased fruit
Sikaiana Malino Calm, of the sea or wind
Sikaiana Maaliu Change direction
Sikaiana Malo A loincloth folded around the hips
Sikaiana Malooloo Energetic, willing, keen, in work or some other endeavour
Sikaiana Maalu To toilet, to defecate
Sikaiana Mama Leak
Sikaiana Maamaa Chew
Sikaiana Maamaa Light (not heavy)
Sikaiana Maamaa Lungs
Sikaiana Mamae Pain
Sikaiana Mmaha Heavy
Sikaiana Mmao Distant, far away in time or space
Sikaiana Mana Thunder
Sikaiana Manako To desire
Sikaiana Manava Belly
Sikaiana Maanava Breath
Sikaiana Mano A thousand
Sikaiana Manoni Sweet-smelling, fragrant
Sikaiana Maofa Disintegrate, destroy, shredded, fallen apart
Sikaiana Moa (pl. mmoa) Cooked
Sikaiana Masa To be empty of liquid
Sikaiana Masae Torn
Sikaiana Masana Turtle species. [E-S]
Sikaiana Masaala Know, understand, be clear about something
Sikaiana Kale/mata Face
Sikaiana Mata Uncooked (food)
Sikaiana Mata/hanauna Descent line to founder hero
Sikaiana Mata- Ten fish
Sikaiana Matani Wind
Sikaiana Mataku Afraid, frightened
Sikaiana Matala Untied
Sikaiana Mataatala Front and back edges of roof
Sikaiana Mata Choose Problematic
Sikaiana Maatino Clear to see, obvious, certain
Sikaiana Maatou We (exc.)
Sikaiana Matu A fish
Sikaiana Matuku Bird sp., Reef Heron
Sikaiana M(m)au Fixed, firm
Sikaiana M/mau Firm, tight
Sikaiana Mau To have caught a fish when fishing with a line
Sikaiana Maaua We two (exc)
Sikaiana Mouna Mountain
Sikaiana Mounu Bait