Entries from Donner 1983-87 in Pollex-Online

Donner, W. (1987) Sikaiana Vocabulary: Na male ma na talatala o Sikaiana. Honiara, Solomon Island

Language Item Description
Sikaiana Kulu Breadfruit
Sikaiana Kumete Wooden bowl
Sikaiana K/kumi Press hard, massage
Sikaiana Kupena Net
Sikaiana Kutu Louse
Sikaiana Ia Third person singular personal pronoun
Sikaiana Ia Postposed particle...can set off one phrase from another or mark a contrast between two phrases
Sikaiana Ihi Tahitian Chestnut
Sikaiana Ila Natural mark on skin
Sikaiana Ili Fan (n)
Sikaiana Ili/hia To be blown on by the mouth of someone else
Sikaiana Ilo Maggot
Sikaiana Iloa To know
Sikaiana Inaki Roof segments between main rafters
Sikaiana Ino Be at a slant, go down (of sun)
Sikaiana Io Strip of flesh
Sikaiana Ise Fish sp
Sikaiana Isi To peel
Sikaiana Ivi Bone
Sikaiana Laa There
Sikaiana Laa The sail of a ship
Sikaiana Laa Branch (of a tree)
Sikaiana Laa Sun
Sikaiana Muaa/lae Forehead
Sikaiana Laha Ringworm
Sikaiana Lahalaha, llaha Wide
Sikaiana L/lana Plait
Sikaiana Lani Sky
Sikaiana L/lano To support, prop up
Sikaiana Laka Cross over, pass, step over; be first, be best, pass (exam); pass (of time)
Sikaiana Laakau Tree, plant
Sikaiana Laku/laku To scratch; to draw someone's attention by scratching them
Sikaiana Lala Warm up
Sikaiana Ma/lli Secrete saliva
Sikaiana Lalo Below, underneath; down; when at sea towards deeper water both inside the lagoon and outside the lagoon
Sikaiana Laaua Third person dual independent pronoun
Sikaiana Lama/lama To watch for
Sikaiana L/lama Torch fishing
Sikaiana Lanu To be mixed, of a semi-solid with a liquid, to thin the semi-solid
Sikaiana L/lao/ Put finger down thrown to induce vomiting
Sikaiana Laoi Good, fine, content, healthy, in working order
Sikaiana Lapa To flash, as lightning or a flashing light
Sikaiana Lau Leaf
Sikaiana Lau Strain through a cloth
Sikaiana Lau Cardinal number - one hundred for mats, pudding, fish, and fathoms
Sikaiana Laatou Third person plural independent pronoun
Sikaiana Lava Sufficient, usually in measurements of quantity, size and weight
Sikaiana Lave Catch onto, hook onto, as a fishhook catches onto a piece of coral
Sikaiana Lavena A fish species
Sikaiana Lehu Ashes