Entries from Dougherty 1983 in Pollex-Online

Dougherty, J. W. D. (1983). West Futuna-Aniwa: An Introduction to a Polynesian Outlier Language. Berkeley, University of California Press.

Language Item Description
West Futuna Fia How many?, how much?
West Futuna Firo/sia Twist together two or more pieces; distinct from braiding
West Futuna Firo To intermingle, especially to sit mingling with one another
West Futuna Finagaro Will, wish, intention
West Futuna Fiso Foam, bubbles on a surface as boiling water; to boil, foam (as breaking waves), bubble up
West Futuna Fiji (pl. h/fiji) Go up, ascend
West Futuna Fitu Seven
West Futuna Foa Smash
West Futuna Foe Oar, paddle, rudder
West Futuna Foi-a Peel or skin something; peel where skin is ready to come off; not applicable to taro
West Futuna Fou Drill, bore, pierce something
West Futuna Foi One and only. Auxiliary noun, showing a definite singular (Cpl)
West Futuna Foki Too, also; again; another
West Futuna Fori-a To go around. Enclose (Cpl). Planer en ronde (Rve).
West Futuna Fono To eat in the traditional manner after drinking kava
West Futuna Fonu Filled, full
West Futuna Fotu Opening or gap in a wall, hole; spot, dot; to pierce, break through; to be pierced, cleared out. Troué (Rve).
West Futuna Fou New, young
West Futuna Fufu/ia To cover something
West Futuna Fu Matrix, vulva, vagina
West Futuna Fua Fruit (includes nuts and berries); to fruit, come to fruition
West Futuna Fua Jealous
West Futuna Fuaga Grindstone. Pumice
West Futuna Fuatu/ sisi Little harvest of breadfruit or chestnuts Phonologically Irregular
West Futuna Fue Sweet potato
West Futuna Fugona A woman's classificatory daughter- or son-inlaw, the offspring of a woman's brother or male parallel cousin
West Futuna Fuia Moisten something, dunk something, dip, rinse something in liquid and take it out (as in washing clothes)
West Futuna Fuke To take cooked food out of a pot, or to remove the cooking stones from cooked food in an earthen oven; to uncover cooked food, especially puri cooked in an earth oven
West Futuna (H)fura To swell
West Futuna Fura To run (with non-singular subject); to play
West Futuna Furi/a To change, alter, turn around (e.g. change one's mind, switch sides)
West Futuna Furu Hair, fur, feathers; soft, furry
West Futuna Funa To hide someone or something
West Futuna Funefune Itch, to itch
West Futuna Fuji/a Pluck out, pull out
West Futuna Fuji Banana (generic) (plant or fruit)
West Futuna -ga Nominalising suffix
West Futuna Ga- Directional prefix
West Futuna Gafoa To be smashed
West Futuna -gafuru Ten
West Futuna Gako Fat (n)
West Futuna Gari/a To consume sugarcane or sweet coconuts by stripping off the outside husk and chewing on the fiber to extract the juices; to gnaw. Enlever avec dents; manger coprah en mordant dans la noix (Rve).
West Futuna Garue Move about, stir, jitter
West Futuna Ngaruru To sprinkle, to shake (water in coconut)
West Futuna Garuru To ache, particularly ringing, buzzing or rattling in one's head
West Futuna Ngana/ngana To sound as of people walking in a path; to sound as of food roasting
West Futuna H/gana To make a droning sound or rushing noise; to sound good, to sound particularly harmonious... Tremblement de quelque chose de lourd; faire du bruit; grondement de l'eau (Rve).
West Futuna Gau Scar, mark, trail, track, footprint Phonologically Irregular
West Futuna Gapu Spell, rest, take a break
West Futuna Gasau Reed, wild cane. Pointed arrow (Cpl).