Entries from Dougherty 1983 in Pollex-Online

Dougherty, J. W. D. (1983). West Futuna-Aniwa: An Introduction to a Polynesian Outlier Language. Berkeley, University of California Press.

Language Item Description
West Futuna Kano Taste (n,vi). Body, soul (ANI) (Missionaries deliberately interchanged the meanings of ata and kano.)
West Futuna H/kanu Ring, stripe; striped, ringed, coloured, patterned, marked
West Futuna Keo A bird
West Futuna Kape Banana sp
West Futuna Kape/a To extract or clean out. Oter épine enfoncée à l'aide d'une aiguille; vider abcès (Rve).
West Futuna Kasi Cockle shell; scraper made of cockle shell (esp. for scraping green bananas). Vénus (coquillage); rape à coco (Rve).
West Futuna Kata (pl. hkata) To laugh, smile
West Futuna Katea Forward portion of canoe hull
West Futuna Kato Basket with a four-cornered base...
West Futuna Kau (pl. hkau) To swim
West Futuna Kau- Prefix indicating kind, species
West Futuna Kau/kau Riders; roof supports running perpendicular to rafters
West Futuna Kou/pa Fence
West Futuna Kau Handle, stem, protuberance
West Futuna Kau/fafatuta Joint in middle of each side of a canoe Problematic
West Futuna -Gk/-nk/-g/-n/-h/-ah First person singular preverbal enclitic pronoun. Problematic
West Futuna Kaufafa Jaw, jawbone Phonologically Irregular
West Futuna (H)kau (trans. kauna) To send
West Futuna Kava Plant sp. (Piper methysticum) and drink made from it
West Futuna Kave Tentacle of octopus or squid
West Futuna Kave Sibling or parallel cousin of opposite sex
West Futuna Ke(ke) Different; to change, become different, become strange
West Futuna Kere Earth, land, soil
West Futuna H/keri (trans. keri/a) Dig
West Futuna Kete Square, woven mat for sitting on
West Futuna H/keu Move, shift
West Futuna Keu/a Push or shove
West Futuna Kiato Outrigger boom
West Futuna (Ki)hki To squeak (as a rat); to whistle
West Futuna Kira Pure, chaste Uncertain Semantic Connection
West Futuna Kirikiri Coral bits, gravel. Ganglions (petits); sol tuyau de pipe (Rve).
West Futuna Kimoa, kimo (ANU) Rat
West Futuna Kino/a Avoid, reject, dislike
West Futuna A/kita/tou First person inclusive plural pronoun
West Futuna A/kita/ua First person inclusive dual pronoun
West Futuna A/koe Second person singular pronoun stem
West Futuna Kofu Dew, mist, fog; a filmy coating; cloudy, misty, filmy, blurry; blind
West Futuna Koro Enclosure; inside (area bounded by a fence or similar structure but without a roof)
West Futuna A/korua/ Second person dual pronoun, you
West Futuna (H)kona Poisonous; to be poisoned. Drunk (Cpl.) Fort (kava); ivre (Rve).
West Futuna Kona Bitter, acid, unpalateable, poisonous
West Futuna Kot/kote Cackle
West Futuna A/koutou Second person plural independent pronoun
West Futuna A/ku, o/ku First person singular non-article based possessive, postposed to noun phrase, of mine
West Futuna Kuli, kuri (ANI) Dog. Chien; mante religieuse (Rve). Phonologically Irregular
West Futuna Kuru Breadfruit
West Futuna Kamala Sweet Potato or similar root crop Problematic
West Futuna Kumaua Sweet Potato or similar root crop Problematic
West Futuna Kumala Sweet Potato or similar root crop Problematic
West Futuna Kumi/a To squeeze, grasp; wrestle. Pousser, presser, serrer (Rve).