Entries from Davletshin 2013 in Pollex-Online

Albert Davletshin, field notes

Language Item Description
Nuguria Oe Answer to a call Problematic
Nuguria Hihi Shell meat; lips of clamshells Uncertain Semantic Connection
Nuguria Hii-inu (Be) thirsty
Nuguria Kautarina Ear
Nuguria Maarini (pl. maarrini) Menstruate
Nuguria Aru-mia Call for a person to come (vt)
Nuguria Velo Carved design on the end of a war canoe
Nuguria Vaka/velo War canoe, racing canoe
Nuguria Tapa Piece of cloth
Nuguria Hai-aavana Married couple
Nuguria Raa/laa Day (in days of the week)