Entries from Feinberg 1977 in Pollex-Online

Feinberg, R. (1977). The Anutan language reconsidered: Lexicon and grammar of a Polynesian Outlier. New Haven, Human Relations Area Files Press.

Language Item Description
Anuta Mana Father (term of address or kinship title)
Anuta Mana Power; almighty
Anuta Manava/nava Short of breath
Anuta Ma/ne/nea To play; walkabout; any object employed for recreational purposes
Anuta Ma/ni/nia Lustful; to lust after something Uncertain Semantic Connection
Anuta Ma/ni/nia Fingernail, toenail Uncertain Semantic Connection
Anuta Ma/noo/noa To breathe rapidly, pant
Anuta Manga Hook part of traditional fishing lure
Anuta Manga/i Spread one's legs
Anuta Mangi/angi Windy; for the wind to blow
Anuta Mango A kind of fern
Anuta Mapana/pana Warm
Anuta Mapi An energetic or industrious man; a man who is constantly doing work
Anuta Mapora Spread out (of a large number of objects spread out on the floor of a house and ground outside)
Anuta Mapu To whistle through folded tongue, alternately breathing in and out, as in playing a harmonica
Anuta Maru(maru) Shady
Anuta Maru(u), maru/maru Dry (as the inside of a well constructed house when it is raining)
Anuta Maringa/ringa Side of head in front of ear
Anuta Mata Front end of an object
Anuta Ma/taaki To pull up out of the ground
Anuta Mata(a)/ivi A type of small traditional fish hook made of fish bones
Anuta Matakainanga Large patrilineal descent group Problematic
Anuta Mataki (atu) To look, observe
Anuta Mata/mata Look around
Anuta Mata/(o)ono To see
Anuta Mata/para Blind (lit. ulcerated eyes)
Anuta Mata/tau A line of men in battle formation
Anuta Matau Right (side)
Anuta Matavai Spring source (the spot where a spring comes out of the ground)
Anuta Mate/a Maybe, perhaps, probably
Anuta Mati (Ficus septica)
Anuta Matimati Dolphin (fish)
Anuta Matua Husband
Anuta Matua Important, major, primary; adult; mature, ripe
Anuta Matuku To disband
Anuta Maunu To untie a strip of bark-cloth, so that a *popora*-type basket falls from a woman's back
Anuta Mauri Soul
Anuta Maurunga High (in rank)
Anuta Mata/urunga Door, doorway
Anuta Me/mero Pink
Anuta Miti/miti Hard candy or other object to be sucked
Anuta Mo Cooked, in any manner (baked, roasted, boiled)
Anuta Mo For (moku, mo(o)u, mona)
Anuta Moe (pl. mo/moe, moe/raki) To sleep
Anuta Mokopiri A type of lizard a little bigger than the *piripata*, but smaller than the *moko uri*
Anuta Mo(o)mona Fat, grease; greasy
Anuta Mo/mori To send (an object)
Anuta Mooanga Fish sp. (= apuru)
Anuta Motu/motu To cut up or split
Anuta Moumou/i To spoil, destroy