Entries from Feinberg 1977 in Pollex-Online

Feinberg, R. (1977). The Anutan language reconsidered: Lexicon and grammar of a Polynesian Outlier. New Haven, Human Relations Area Files Press.

Language Item Description
Anuta Karanga Speak, say, tell
Anuta Kareu To turn one's head to look back Phonologically Irregular
Anuta (Na-)karo-pia To dodge
Anuta Kau Stem, shaft, body
Anuta Kau nima Arm (everything from wrist to shoulder)
Anuta Kau vae Leg (from ankle to hip)
Anuta Kau Group of people
Anuta Tii/ti, titi Fishing with a pole and short line from the beach...
Anuta Kau/pa Leaf petiole
Anuta Kau/pa Leaf petiole
Anuta Kau/takere Canoe keel
Anuta Kava Kava plant (Piper methysticum), not found on Anuta; drink made from kava plant; alcoholic beverage
Anuta Ke Infinitive marker: for/to, until
Anuta Kau Very large hook...used for catching large fish such as sharks, and for hanging objects in the house
Anuta Kau rararo Boom supporting bottom of pandanus leaf sail
Anuta Kau raro Very large longitudinal supporting beam in house; made from trunk of a coconut tree
Anuta Ke, kee Distinctive, different, exceptional, unusual
Anuta Ke a? What for? In order to do what?...
Anuta (Ke)kepu Green; blue
Anuta Kemo/kemo Blink
Anuta Keti To strip betel nut or coconut with the teeth Phonologically Irregular
Anuta Keu kitua Chase someone away
Anuta Kie Type of pandanus whose leaf is used in making mats
Anuta Kina Sea urchin
Anuta Kio Chicken
Anuta Kiri Skin; outside covering
Anuta Kirikiri Pebble
Anuta Kiui A small bird which comes only during monsoon season
Anuta Kivi To have something in one's eye
Anuta Ko Specifying particle preceding nouns and pronouns in active constructions, or noun phrases standing by themselves
Anuta Ko ena That one. Problematic
Anuta Ko eni This one Problematic
Anuta Kona Inedible because of noxious chemical properties: e.g. tobacco, soap, poisonous species of taro
Anuta Kopi(kopi) To embrace; grasp; hold to one's breast
Anuta Koroa Durable goods
Anuta Koti To cut hair, but not too short, as for men and unmarried women
Anuta Kuei Scraper for removing skin from taro before it is put into an oven
Anuta Kumi/kumi To search for and find something
Anuta Kumi/kumi To massage
Anuta Ma Brother-in-law
Anuta Ma Dark fish with very tough skin...
Anuta Maapora Generous Uncertain Semantic Connection
Anuta Roto/maarama Intelligent
Anuta Maarie Slowly, softly, gently; wait, take it easy (command)
Anuta Maaroro Flying fish
Anuta Maatua(a) Old; an old person; kinship title for father-in-law, son-in-law; parents
Anuta Maavete To untie
Anuta (Tau)maariki Cold, chilly (of environment) Phonologically Irregular
Anuta Ma(a)kona Full (with food), satiated
Anuta Mamao Far, distant