Entries from Feinberg 1977 in Pollex-Online

Feinberg, R. (1977). The Anutan language reconsidered: Lexicon and grammar of a Polynesian Outlier. New Haven, Human Relations Area Files Press.

Language Item Description
Anuta Varea Intensified form of vare (fool, foolish), sometimes used to connote process [e.g.become foolish, go crazy]
Anuta Taute To make, do, work at; to treat an illness or injury
Anuta Teki To jump or twitch, as when bitten by an ant
Anuta Maruu Soft, flexible
Anuta Poro To paint with turmeric
Anuta Puariki "Wild betel nut", a type of areca palm bearing only a very small fruit Problematic
Anuta Taia To hit (an embellishment of ta [taa]).
Anuta Too Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) Phonologically Irregular
Anuta Pakata(a) To appear
Anuta Aropi/tai Water covering the fringing reef
Anuta Kere/kere Dirty
Anuta Ui tua Backbone
Anuta Va/va Hubbub; a situation where everyone is talking at once
Anuta Totoro To crawl
Anuta Toro/toro To crawl...; plant sp. (Triumfetta procumbens)
Anuta Tava A kind of shellfish
Anuta Pakaangiangi To expose oneself to wind or breeze
Anuta Panau Be born, give birth
Anuta Unupe Caterpillar
Anuta Piti/piti Difficult in the extreme, used especially with respect to worship and church related matters Uncertain Semantic Connection
Anuta PuĆ³ Hold of a canoe -- area under *puke* in which fish are kept during an ocean voyage
Anuta Putu/putu (of crops) Be planted close together
Anuta Maikao tuti Index finger
Anuta Romaki To plant a seedling by first digging a hole for it and placing the plant into the hole...
Anuta Roro/roro Fatty, greasy; fat, grease
Anuta Tupa To divide, distribute (commonly used to denote the division of fish or vegetable food into separate parcels for each of the household units)
Anuta Ue/i To lift up a sheet or mat; to open a jar (may be equivalent to removing a sheet or mat from a more traditional type of parcel) Problematic
Anuta Vavaa For crops to be planted spread out from each other
Anuta Rakau Wood, stick, club, plank, timber, log
Anuta Apu To spring forth
Anuta Apu/kere Earthsprung, autochthone
Anuta Pai pekau To (do) work
Anuta Pekau Work (n); worship (particularly Christian); the Church
Anuta Tau toa A pair of "bond friends"; a "bond friend" relationship
Anuta E Indefinite article singular
Anuta Au, ou To come
Anuta Ao (In names of days of the week)
Anuta Kao Reed
Anuta Ma Empty; low (tide)
Anuta Po/ui To ask; question
Anuta Topo To jump or climb onto something; to go, proceed (topo atu, topo mai)
Anuta Tapo To catch in the hand (especially a falling or thrown object)
Anuta Aa Yes (colloquial speech) (this word is usually nasalized somewhat, so that it may come out sounding like "ngaa")
Anuta Aapea Interrogative: When (indicates future)
Anuta Aapo Tomorrow night
Anuta Aarie, maarie, ngaarie Wait (command)
Anuta A/e That one over there Borrowed
Anuta Ai ki tua To take *ma* [fermented food] out of a pit
Anuta Taku (aku with plural possessed) My
Anuta Tana (ana with plural possessed) His, her, its