Entries from Feinberg 1977 in Pollex-Online

Feinberg, R. (1977). The Anutan language reconsidered: Lexicon and grammar of a Polynesian Outlier. New Haven, Human Relations Area Files Press.

Language Item Description
Anuta Koko Flour made from pulp of sago palm or from turmeric root
Anuta Ori/tu To "cross swords" (in this case using war clubs rather than sabres or foils)
Anuta Painga Act, doing
Anuta Pakatu To stand something up, to cause to stand, to raise up
Anuta Akonake To teach Phonologically Irregular
Anuta Riiki-na, riki/na/ke Abandon, leave alone (not disturb), give up
Anuta Kauariki Tree with small, red edible fruit
Anuta Koi Still, yet
Anuta Kae But
Anuta Pakaaropa Causing sympathy; designation of persons belonging to lower two of the four _kainanga_; "commoner"
Anuta Ipo To descend
Anuta Taurekareka Beautiful
Anuta Mauraro Low (in rank)
Anuta Mapiti For a seedling to begin to show itself above the ground
Anuta Taumuri Stern of canoe or other vessel
Anuta Miri To drill or bore a hole in something
Anuta Mioi Twist something in the hand, wring out; express cream from grated coconut using hibiscus fibre
Anuta Tikutiku End of an object; tail of fish or other animal; end of an event (story, song, etc.)
Anuta Ave To move one or a few objects from one place to another; to bring or carry a small number of objects
Anuta Oko Spongy inside of mature coconut
Anuta Pee/pee To throw
Anuta Ake(ake) To ascend
Rarotongan Oo, o Preposition. Belonging to, of. Used where the relationship is (or is conventionally regarded as) inalienable, part-to-whole, non-agentive
Anuta Taa Possessive pronoun: our, dual inclusive
Anuta Mai From
Anuta E/ni This, here, over here
Anuta Au mai Bring here
Anuta Poopora, porapora Type of large basket
Anuta Uo Digging-stick
Anuta Pui/pui Wall, fence, windscreen
Anuta Pui/pui To shut (a screen or door)
Anuta Pakaoti Conclusion, ending
Anuta Pakaoti Completely, throughout, all, without exception
Anuta Apo(taki) To hit something with a stick, axe or adze
Anuta Paka/to/tonu Straighten
Anuta Pakatonu Believe, make sure of, get straight, settle, confirm, verify
Anuta Puru/puru To wash one's self
Anuta Pakatupu/nga Beginning; growing point
Anuta Pakakai To sharpen
Anuta Mata Raw, undone. Unripe (Yen).
Anuta Araara To chat, discuss; discussion
Anuta Araara/panga Story
Anuta Turiinima Outside elbow joint
Anuta Amonga A load carried on the back and supported with one hand, "men's style"
Anuta Pai umu To make oven (i.e. prepare food in an earth oven)
Anuta Tao/tao Coconut fronds covering roof
Anuta Ngangau To have a headache; to be in a weakened condition because of a headache
Anuta Rototonu Middle
Anuta Pai Occur
Anuta Vare Foolish, stupid, mentally unbalanced (person)